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Jul 16, 2008 10:32 AM

Inexpensive but tasty celebration dinner for 20 folks?

Hi- I'm looking for a space for our wedding rehearsal dinner that can hold 20 folks, and we'd like a private room if possible. The tricky thing is that our budget is very tight, so it has to be inexpensive. BYBO would be ideal. We can travel a bit, but prefer to be below midtown. Thanks!

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  1. This isn't in your preferred neighborhood but Uva on 2nd ave b/w 77th and 78th has a cozy downstairs room that you can reserve for large groups. They've got good food, a nice ambiance and isn't too pricey. Don't know if you can BYOB though, they have a pretty good wine selection.

    1. Maybe something in the vein of Jing Fong?

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        Or Congee Village.

        Obviously, mine are suggestions for a very casual (but very cheap) rehearsal dinner.

      2. Thanks for the suggestions. What do you think about Panna II Indian Garden Restaurant (the one with the most christmas lights on 6th street). I know its not too gourmet or authentic but its so fun, (and cheap), and will definitely be festive for our casual dinner. they say they will let us have the whole restaurant if we come early. Do you think the food is passable?

        1. I think Ivo & Lulu will take parties that big. It's a French-Carribean place around Prince/Varick. THey only seat about 25 people, and when I last tried to go there on a Saturday night, they were closed/booked with a private party. IT's BYOB, very friendly and a cozy atmosphere. I haven't been there in a few years, but when I went, the food was good (apps $7, entrees $13ish).