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Jul 16, 2008 10:12 AM

Intersections of Toronto

Seeing posts on this board lately relating to chowfinds near a certain street intersection of Toronto (College and Clinton) leads me to the question - If you had to source all your meals from establishments located within spitting distance of a single street intersection in Toronto (regardless of where you actually live), what intersection would it be?

I am having a tough time answering that one myself, but I am curious what others think...

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  1. My choice would be my old neighbourhood @ Bloor/Bathurst.

    A short walk to load of good Korean restaurants, George's Chicken, Country Style, and a bunch of other eclectic (and not so eclectic) restaurants.

    1. College & Grace or Danforth & Pape. Do you mean covering restaurants AND grocery?

      1. You'd have to hawk a pretty good loogey, but If it's restaurant and grocery I would go with Front/Church. St. Lawrence Market, JKWB, Hiro, Lucien, places on Colborne St., Romagna Mia, Solferino Gelato, etc... also George and Perigee aren't that far off, and neither is Morning Glory for breakfast and the T&T supermarket.

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        1. Baldwin and Kensington. The entire market to enjoy, Chinatown and Baldwin Village right near by.