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Jul 16, 2008 10:05 AM

Margaritas in Midtown

Hi everyone, can anyone recommend a fun place that is not Dos Caminos, Pampano or Mama's in midtown for my friend's birthday.

We wanted to do a happy hour close!

Thank you.

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  1. caliente cab company

    1. Blockhead's is great for happy hour, and has fabulous margaritas with many flavors. Great outside seating. even if you don't go for your friends' birthday you should try it out another time. great mexican food as well.

      1. Rio Grande in the 30s on 3rd Ave - there is outdoor seating, although it gets very crowded. Beware the margaritas are seriously strong!

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          1. re: ellabelle

            Even though I can't stand the crowd at this place...they do have the best margarita's. Seriously, be careful.

          2. zarella's - they'll knock you on your feet, even the frozen ones! (52nd & 2nd...maybe 51st??)
            ah chihuahua! - 51st between 1st & 2nd (or something?)
            blockheads/caliente cab - in the 34th & 3rd area...

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              I second the Blockheads rec, and they have midtown locations both east and west (