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Jul 16, 2008 09:53 AM

Brunch & Anniversary dinner

Hubby & I will be in LA for our anniversary. We will be arriving Saturday afternoon and leaving Monday. Our anniversary is Sunday, we were wondering any recs on Brunch and a nice anniversary dinner? we will be staying in Santa Monica and will probably have Ramen, Shabu Shabu or Korean on Saturday....(don't know where thats going to be either...)
We like to have something that's LA but not too crazy priced... maybe Mozza for dinner? (as I am an absolute Mozzarella lover!) Hubby is a chef.... What to do....

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  1. Michael's in Santa Monica would be a great anniversary restaurant. Table on the patio is a must.

    1. Osteria Mozza is a good choice for dinner, but know it's quite loud.
      Josie's in Santa Monica is quieter and more romantic with an American farmer's market-driven menu. (Love their venison!)
      Anisette would be my choice for brunch.

      1. Agree that Anisette is perfect for brunch. Another nice option for brunch is Rustic Canyon. More of a buffet mimosa brunch can be had at i Cugini.

        Try Musha for one of your meals, if you don't get over to the other side of the city for shabu shabu or korean.

        If you want to stay in Santa Monica, there's great nice dinner choices - Wilshire on the patio is absolutely lovely.

        There's also Melisse and Jiraffe (though for an anniversary, I'd do the former over the latter).

        If you'd like to drive, I'll suggest Providence, Grace, and Pane e Vino (back patio). Also, not everyone loves them, but Il Cielo and The Little Door aim for a more romantic setting.