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Jul 16, 2008 09:24 AM

Outdoor Birthday Dinner Rec in Seattle

My girlfriend's birthday is coming up, and we (her friends and I) want to have a group dinner somewhere. Here is what we're working with:
* 10 - 20 people
* Want to be outdoors
* Less than $20 per person (not including drinks)
* In Seattle (or pretty damned close)

What do you guys think would be good?

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  1. 10-20 outside is a pretty tough order...
    That's pretty much all of the outdoor seats at most places.

    I was just at Eastlake B&G last week, and they have that kind of space.
    Nothing outstanding, but it's pretty good restaurant/bar food (and it keeps you solidly under your max budget). The burgers are solid if not a little overcooked. Beer selection is decent.

    I hear they also have a private deck somewhere, but I've never been.

    1. Maybe call Ray's Cafe? They have a nice big deck - maybe they would take a reservation for 10-20. Not sure.

      1. Agua Verde has a sun porch with windows that open., and it's right next to the water. I don't know if they take reservations. You could do that for less than $20 per head

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          They don't usually do reservation, but maybe for 20...
          (although, EVERYONE wants to sit out there, so I kinda feel like you'd be a jerk for taking up that entire space for your own crew)

        2. you might be able to reserve the deck at Ponti's

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            But I don't know that Ponti's will come close to $20/head. What about the outside seating at the Pink Door? I thought about Agua Verde too, but the reservations thing is a drag. Also, it's not glamorous in the least but the Azteca on Eastlake has a good sized deck and you'd definitely be able to stay within your budget. (I know, I know, Azteca! But adamb0mb's requirements said nothing about decent food... plus I kind of adore their fajita quesdilla). Good luck!

            1. re: laurahutch

              what about the interior patio at Serafina?