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Jul 16, 2008 08:20 AM

Lunch recs in the Hamptons

Our family will be spending next week in Sag Harbor, and we'd like to explore a few of the other Hamptons towns during the day, with a Chow-worthy lunch to break up the day. Nicer places are okay, but so are local favorites and holes-in-the-wall (do those even exist in the Hamptons?). We'll be with two 9-year olds, but I imagine at lunch that shouldn't be much of a problem. Does anyone have recommendations for lunch spots in Bridgehampton, Southampton, Easthampton and Montauk. If there are other good towns to wander around, plesae let me know.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Silver's in Southampton (not cheap), but they serve lunch 7 days.
    Bridgehampton - Bobby Van's or World Pie
    East Hampton - Nichol's (on 27 not in the Village)
    Sag Harbor - Estia's Little Kitchen

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      I like Nichols or Rowdy Hall for lunch.

      1. Agave in Sag Harbor (also just opened one in Hampton Bays) is great for a quick Mexican lunch. Although you may have come and gone already?

        1. Lloyd-- you gotta hit up World Pie in's good for the adults and the kids.......

          1. We managed to hit World Pie, which was terrific, and had two great dinners at Turtle Crossing (where we've been before). I wish there was something like World Pie in Great Neck, but alas, it is not so. We also had our traditional breakfast at Bird on a Roof in Montauk, and a passable lunch at the MTK Cafe. We never made it to Southampton.

            On the list for next time is Estacia's Little Kitchen, which I biked past, and a Mexican take-out place that looked like a deli in Sag Harbor.

            Thanks for all the recs.