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Jul 16, 2008 07:55 AM

Dolmades/ Stuffed Grape Leaves Help!

Hi All,

I'm a little confused on how to make dolmades-- some recipes call for uncooked meat and others have cooked. Which one is correct?

Thanks for any insight.

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  1. For ones stuffed with meat, I've always used uncooked. Cook with some liquid over low heat until the meat is cooked, about an hour.

    For ones stuffed with rice, likewise I've never cooked the rice first.

    1. luckyfatima recommended this lady's good cooking:

      this is her dolmas recipe.
      this, too:
      caroline1 also knows this region, too.

      1. Second Ziggy's post. I would add that rice doubles [at least] in volume as it cooks, so don't over stuff the leaves so you don't loose any of that wonderful goodness.

        1. I make stuffed grapeleaves with a combination of ground lamb and rice - I have posted the recipe before -if you can;t find it and want it I will re-post. I mix the filling and roll it uncooked in the leaves. Then cook in lemon juice,butter and boiling water. I use the broth to make egg- lemon sauce. Yum.

          1. i use uncooked ground beef or lamb and raw rice. this gets you the perfect texture and when the meat and rice cook together the flavors go well and they expand nicely together.