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Those crazy French! How do YOU eat your burger?

This morning';s NY Times has an interessting article about how hamburgers (of all things) are "taking Paris by storm." Yet when they go on to talk about the French burgers, seems they are rarely served with fries, a milk shake, if ordered, is "dessert," and they talk about bread and butter pickles and chiffonade of lettuce being American "standards" that many restaurants are adapting.

You can read for yourself here: http://tinyurl.com/6nmmer If they request that you sign up, hey, you get the NY Times electronically every morning,, and it's FREE! '-


Anyway, for me the bread and butter pickles just didn't ring any bells! And I consider chiffonade of lettuce fast food fare, and a whole lettuce leaf as standard in a sit down restaurant. Oh, and most Frenchmen (according to the article) eat their burgers with a knife and fork. So who needs bread if you eat it that way? (Now, now, let's don't all laugh and point at the same time!)

All of this made me extremely curious how the majority of CH's like their burger? For me, yeah, a sesame seed bun is nice, but I won't refuse to eat a burger without them. But I do insist on medium rare, and DO NOT PRESS DOWN ON THE PATTY WHILE COOKING!

Then I prefer:
The bun toasted on the flat top next to the burger, put the top of the bun on the burger when you flip it, place bun bottom on serving plate and

1. spread with mayyonaise
2. dot with a little yellow mustard
3. 3 large slices of dill pickle
4. a leaf of iceberg lettuce
5. a slice of beefsteak tomato, preferably an heirloom the size of the bun.

Top with the burger and bun top, set a small piece of lettuce on the plate and top with one very thin onion slice. I will taste the onion to see whether it is a sweet onion and/or was cut with the right kind of knife. (Amazing how many places slice onions with a carbon steel blade and create an onion nightmare!) Serve with fries and a bottle of ketchup, along with whatever drink suits my fancy. Oh, and the ketchup goes between the bun top and the burger patty, not on the fries!

So, as a reality check on whether I'm weird, you're weird, or the French are weird, how do you like your burger?

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  1. If I'm grilling, plain ground round and chuck (at the most 70% lean, fattier if possible), grated onion, worcestershire, grilled medium rare, salt and pepper ON TOP and never mixed in with the meat, on toasted Wonder Bread. The bread is a delivery vector for the meat.

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    1. re: monkeyrotica

      freshly ground chuck(mixed with salt,black pepper, and teryaki sauce) from my local butcher, patty cooked medium rare on bun, or kaiser roll.

      Topped with:
      Merkts cheddar
      red onion sliced
      1 slice of tomato
      romaine lettuce
      hellmans mayo

      1. re: monkeyrotica

        oh boy, monkey, you just gave me such a childhood flashback. my mother used to make us burgers on toasted wonder bread. i always had an issue with it because of the shape incongruity, and she'd get nuts when i started performing surgery on the bread, trimming it so that it fit the burger properly.

        eddie murphy didn't like it when his mother did it either. the segment in 'raw' about the "welfare burgers" is one of my all-time favorites...

        "you gonna put it on SQUARE wonder bread?!"

        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

          When I complained about round burgers on square bread (I was maybe 9?), my mother just made square patties. I think Wendy's copied her. But I was rarely happy with my mom's solutions. I used to ask here where they raised the square cows? My poor mother.

          1. re: Caroline1

            caroline - i told my mother about your "square cow" remark, and she said it sounded like something that would have come out of *my* mouth :)

            ok, to stay OT because the mods removed my last comment...

            i'm a purist when it comes to my burgers - i want to taste the meat. no worcestershire, no onions inside [it's not meatloaf, it's a burger!] just S&P.

            cooked with a perfect char on the outside and rare-plus to barely med-rare inside.

            toppings/condiments vary with mood, but *never* yellow mustard [save it for the hot dogs], and if there's ketchup, it has to be chilled so you have the temperature contrast with the hot burger. you can't go wrong with a slice of perfectly ripe tomato [preferably beefsteak or brandywine] and some red or sweet onion.

            unfortunately these days it's knife & fork for me...gluten-free buns are horrid.

            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

              I agree about gluten free buns. For a while I appeared to be reactive to flour, celiac disease was considered, but after a few months on gluten free bread I tried the real thing again, and have been fine since, so it was likely a transient allergy. Lucky me! Or maybe it was the cost that cured me. Some of the gluten free breads I bought were six to eight dollars a loaf! SMALL loaf!!! And ALL of it tasted like the bread my 9th grade social science teacher described having to eat as a German prisoner of war during WWII. Sawdust!

              I did find some recipes on line that SAID they produced the texture of French bread, but the recipes called for so many esoteric "flours" I never did get them all rounded up to give them a try.

              A knife and fork sound like the best solution! '-)

      2. ground turkey grilled medium rare. some turkey bacon. a sugar free toasted wheat bun. a nice sized piece of romaine~enough to cover the burger. diced tomatoes~really makes the difference. a big hunk of tomato is ick on a burger. freshly ground pepper and sea salt. a slice or 2 of avocado. and a nice dollop of colman's mustard. heaven, i tell ya! absolute heaven.

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        1. re: texanness

          Did I miss a memo? Sorry if this is a stupid question... but since when can we eat ground turkey medium rare? And do you also eat Chicken Breasts medium rare?

          I am not being sarcastic...I am fascinated...truly curious!

          1. re: tapas gal

            i actually do cook my turkey burgers rareish. if that is a word...if not i just made it up. ha! not chicken, tho. do people eat chicken rare or medium rare? hmm...never thought about it. altho, i don't really think it is considered safe to eat any meat rare, is it? i know a lot of restaurants won't offer meat cooked anything other than medium or well done.

        2. Toasted bun, burger done rare to medium rare, topped with swiss cheese, raw red onion. A bit of mayo ( hellmans), ketchup, S/P and I am happy.

          1. ground chuck with Fairway's "Espresso seasoning" (salt, pepper, garlic, onion, and dried espresso), grilled medium. Lightly toasted bun, mayo, horseradish, a dab of ketchup. Cheddar or blue cheese if I'm in the mood. Sometimes lettuce, sometimes tomato.

            Mustard does not belong near my burger.

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            1. re: irishnyc

              Oh my goodness. I have never heard of that Espresso seasoning until now... but I MUST try it! Thanks! We don't have Fairway here, but I guess I could try making it...

              I have grass-finished beef from a local farmer, which my husband (the grillmaster) dunks in cheapie Balsamic vinegar before grilling medium rare. Occaisionally he sticks slivers of garlic into the patty. (That's how he enticed me to start eating ground beef again, btw.) Whatever cheese is handy gets melted on top of the burger after it's been flipped. Sprouted grain bun with a thin spread of mayo & dijon. Lettuce, tomato, good to go!

              Oh, and I'm not into ketchup, by my husband & son just fell in love with the homemade ketchup from the Amish family at our farmer's market. So I think I'll have to learn how to make that for them...

            2. Most often it's a salmon burger on a whole wheat bun (with sesame seeds), mayo, tarragon mustard, a little red onion. Lettuce makes it too slippery.

              1. Caroline, your condiments and accoutrement are perfect but I chose a different arrangement. The mayo and mustard go on the bottom but then the burger (med. rare) must go directly on them. This is so the juices from the burger can mix with the mayo to create a most delicious sauce. The lettuce, tomato and onion go on the top. Dill pickle spear is on the side.


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                1. re: kmcarr

                  YES! Meat must be on the bottom so it hits your taste buds, makes a sauce w/mayo etc., and I find if lettuce, onion, tomato, etc are on the bottom it makes for a very slippery burger.

                2. The French are weird. Besides, there's been McDonalds in France for over 30 years now (thus, the "chiffonade of lettuce") -- you think they'd have figured out burgers by now.

                  I agree with Glencora that large pieces of lettuce make the burger too slippery. I like pickles, ketchup and onion (preferrably red onion) on mine (no mustard and in particular, no mayo). I like a bun that's proportionate to the burger and soft enough to bite through -- I'm mystified why anyone would put a burger on a crusty roll or baguette. It should be thick enough to be no more than medium rare in the middle, and thin enough that all the layers (meat, condiments, bun) fit easily into one bite. Otherwise, it's not a hamburger, it's a "hamburger steak" and should be eaten with a knife and fork.

                  I have to admit that I've never had much luck cooking my own burgers -- they rarely come out just right. I actually made the best homemade burger I've ever made this week with a frozen bison patty, pre-sliced Sonoma blue jack and a small roll (I think it may have called itself a focaccia roll) from Trader Joe's. The pieces just came together perfectly.

                  1. While I eat burgers with various toppings (cheese, portobello mushroom, bacon, avocado, etc.), my default burger is plain with ketchup, red onion, tomato (only if it's ripe -- no cardboard, please) on a sesame seed bun. Never lettuce (iceberg, romaine) on my burger -- dilutes the taste. Though I find that sometimes some bitter greens can be OK. And I don't like pickles, mayo and mustard. A bit of Heinz is all I need. Meat seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked medium to medium-rare (depending on how much I trust the place).

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                    1. re: Miss Needle

                      Depends. At an outdoor party, just cheese, as much as possible (last party I took the cheese off the cheese platter and smooshed it on the burger, since they were offered sans cheese), ketchup and in hand.

                      In a restaurant, all the toppings with the exception of mushrooms, I hate mushrooms. Lettuce (never chopped), tomato, bacon, cheeselotsofit, onions raw or otherwise, pickles, mayo, mustard, and ketchup. With knife and fork, since picking it up is usually impossible.

                      Fried sweet potatoes if possible, white if not. A strawberry milkshake (do they even make coffee anymore?) would be nirvana.

                      Oh, and the burger should be as near raw as possible, ideally stuffed with blue cheese.


                    2. 3 favourites for me:

                      1) topped with kimchee

                      2) topped with a slice of petroleum byproduct processed orange cheese food stuff and 3 sauteed lengthwise halves of jalapeno pepper.

                      3) topped with yellow mustard, chopped onion, sliced kosher pickle and sliced tomato.

                      All the above variations consist of lean ground chuck patties cooked medium rare and served between halves of a fresh kaiser roll.

                      1. It depends on my mood. The standard would have to be: medium rare with red onion, crisp lettuce, sliced tomato, 2 slices of cheese, a smear of mayo and a generous pour of either BBQ sauce or ketchup on the burger itself. Other times I might forgo the condiments for guacamole. Very often I'm in the mood to splurge on a bacon, mushroom cheeseburger (usually cheddar, but occasionally blue to shake thins up). Right now I'm in the mood to try mrbozo's kimchi burger.

                        1. 80/20 beef, grilled to medium but with thin crunchy edges, salt & pepper on the burger, cheese or not is fine, ketchup and caramelized onions on the side of the burger without cheese, soft roll. If I'm eating out, fries on the side. If I'm eating in, then probably chips and cucumber spears. Unsweetened iced tea. Chocolate milkshake only if I feel I can spare the calories (with that kind of meal, who can???)

                          No, you're not weird, but neither are the French. They're just not American!!

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                          1. re: lisavf

                            "No, you're not weird, but neither are the French. They're just not American!!"

                            Thank you lisav.

                            Anyways, I'm figuring this is all tongue in cheek...right ?

                            Many countries try to emulate dishes of foreign lands and many times get it "wrong". Weird? I dunno.
                            In Mexico I oftentimes had a hamburger with an additional slice of ham. I think it was their literal translation...

                            Years ago, traveling from Spain to southern France we stopped to eat. Although Spain was especially intriguing foodwise, we were getting nostalgic for something closer to home.
                            So the wife orders a 'amburger americane' (use your best Clusee accent). It came not in a bun, but rather wrapped in a crepe.
                            We laughed at that one, since she was imagining a sesame seed bun and the whole nine yards...

                          2. talking about where you place the condiments too...if you put the mayo on the bottom bun the fat creates a seal that stops the juices from the burger from getting the bun soggy!

                            1. Lately it's been a medium rare grilled on the q. Salt and pepper only,none of those meat seasonings.
                              Grilled bun top and bottom so it has some cruncy to the inside and not too big.
                              for the dressing, I like mayonnaise on both the top and the bottom, then lettuce (several crispy ice cold leaves) the burger with American cheese if any, a thick slice of tomato with more salt and pepper (ground) and then a thick slice of white onion (I like the bite) then a big dose of mustard. Just your regular French's. And then a puddle of both catsup and mustard to dip in.

                              1. A burger should be grilled, at home, if possible. Not too huge, cooked medium, outside should be crunchy, inside moist. Salt and pepper raw burger. Served on a soft but not fluffy bun (love Downtown Bakery buns in Healdsburg). Mayo on bottom bun, burger, homemade BBQ sauce, slice homegrown tomato, salt and pepper on the tomato, thin sliced onion, top bun with thin layer mayo. If tomatoes not in season, no substitutes, just leave it off and substitute leaf of red leaf lettuce. Yum. If meat is properly fatty enough, no cheese is necessary.

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                                1. re: dkenworthy

                                  just curious, why "should" a burger be cooked medium?

                                  for me, medium is too well done, rare to medium rare is how I enjoy mine @ home.

                                  1. re: swsidejim

                                    What I meant is that a burger "should" be grilled to make me happy (it is what I grew up with). I like them medium, you should eat them however you like them.

                                2. I have been 'trained' to eat it without the bun, so the bun seems excessive to me now. Finally. so I have learned to eat it wrapped in a lettuce leaf

                                  hamburger (med rare), red relish, mayo, avocaodo, ketchup, grilled onions, sauteed mushrooms, bacon, american or swiss or bleu cheese ~~ worchestershire, BBQ sauce ~~ these are acceptable toppings

                                  raw onion, mustard, pickles of any sort ~~ A1 sauce ~~ all unacceptable and unwanted

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                                  1. re: laliz

                                    I used to go bun-less, too, and still occasionally do at restaurants. But I was always left wanting something that would add a little something to chew and soak up the juice of the burger instead of letting it dribble down my hand. Of course whatever carbs I saved I made up for with the extra order of onion rings I always got on the side.

                                  2. The burger is 80% lean, mixed with worchester sauce, a little salt and pepper, and garlic powder. Then it is cooked on a grill.

                                    The bun is warm and the insides grilled, the burger medium well and slighty greasy. Mustard is spread on both parts of the bun, then American cheese that has been melted on the hamburger goes on the top part of the bun, then the burger. The bottom bun has a couple of slices of red onion, then 4 dill pickles, and then two slices of tomatoes that have been salted and peppered. Then put the two parts together and enjoy.

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                                    1. re: Janet

                                      I agree most with the people on this thread who have said, "It depends on my mood."
                                      Still, there are a few constants:
                                      --Burger must be moist and juicy. That's why I like it medium rare.
                                      --Must be a cheeseburger. I do not understand a burger without cheese.
                                      --Should be accompanied by excellent potato chips or fries. If fries, they should be thin and crispy, as I hate limp fries.
                                      Other than those constants, I appreciate the fact that a good burger can be prepared thousands of different ways, yet still taste good!!!

                                    2. My standard burger is simple ground round, a few shakes of worcestershier sauce and S&P in the meat, grilled medium-rare. Toppings depend on my mood and what I have on hand, but usually leaf lettuce, a couple rings of onion, some type of cheese and ketchup. I've been known to throw on BBQ sauce, avocado, mayo, mustard or a fried egg, though not usually all at once.

                                      1. I also eat burgers with a fork sometimes. But not with a knife and fork. Will have to try that next time.

                                        I can't stand 80/20 beef. 90/10 is what I prefer. If I’m grilling burgers, it’s sirloin or better. I don’t want to waste my propane on chuck. I just bought a meat grinder attachment for my KA mixer so I’ll be grounding my own sirloin patties from now on.

                                        I have mayo, onions, lettuce and American cheese on my burger. After I flip the burger, I place the onion then cheese on cooked side. I would toast the potato burger buns and slab mayo on it.

                                        All of this talk of burgers has me craving for some : (

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                                        1. re: The_Whistler

                                          You don't find that your burgers dry out with 90/10?

                                          1. re: ajs228

                                            I'm pretty sure the ground sirloin I've been buying is 90/10. But it could also be 85/15. I find it just perfect. They had some ground chuck on sale for the 4th of July holiday for a little over $1/lbs. I got a large tray. I can’t remember the fat content but it was high. I made some tacos and it was sickening to see all the fat I was scooping out of the pan. Same with the burger I grilled with the meat. It was drip drip drip.

                                            My patties are composed of paprika, brown sugar, salt and pepper. I don’t measure it. I pack them pretty loose and punch a hole in the center.

                                            Burger buns are something I’m going to start making my own. I’m not finding the quality of breads and burger/hotdog buns at my local store to be sufficient anymore.

                                          2. re: The_Whistler

                                            I've seldom had a burger that did not begin to fall apart halfway through eating it - with my then pulling the remnants of the top half of the bun off and eating the rest with fork and knife.

                                          3. To each their own, of course. I see alot of froo froo fancy burgers on those Food Network 'Challenge' programs, most make me want to, excuse the expression, lose my lunch. Far too many exotic ingredients or condiments and or patties/sandwich so thick King Kong would have trouble getting his mouth around one. Big isn't always better, and neither are an abundance of 'exotic' ingredients or condiments. Suffice to say my favorite is simple indeed. In a top & bottom toasted sesame seed bun... A quarter pound charbroiled pattie...Thousand Island dressing...tomato...red or green leaf lettuce (not iceberg & definately not shredded iceberg)...pickles...if onions, they have to be grilled, not raw...cheese, my preference Swiss (but I'll take American if Swiss isn't available)! About as froo froo and or exotic as I get is adding extra crispy bacon slices and avocado, usually known as a 'California' burger.

                                            1. 1) Seasoned with seasoning salt and pepper, basted with sweet and spicy bbq sauce while on the grill, served on a squishy potato bun with caramelized onions.
                                              2) Marinated in worsterchire(sp?) sauce, grilled to medium, served on a toasted bun with mayo, a smidge of ketchup, sweet onion, tomato and pickle.
                                              I like most burgers, but I NEVER enjoy bacon or american cheese on them.

                                              1. Wasn't there a comic who's reply to this was "between two steaks" ??

                                                I like a good commercial bun, like those Martin's rolls they make in Philly or somewhere up there. No onion bun and not a hard roll for a burger.
                                                Cheese- a good one, either cheddar or swiss
                                                tiny swipe of Hellman's
                                                wee bit of ketchup
                                                keep yer tomato and lettuce, I don't need them.
                                                Sometimes grilled onions, or nice avocado (but then no ketchup)

                                                1. Beef: lettuce, mayo, tomato, raw onion and GREEN CHILE! Most above toppings. Hold the American cheese though.
                                                  Lamb: cuke, onion tomato and taziki sauce
                                                  Veal: tomato, Italian cheeses
                                                  Pork: pico gallo
                                                  Turkey: no thank you.

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                                                  1. re: Passadumkeg

                                                    oooooh.... every now and then, someone from NM area or Southwest mentions green chili and I immdeately think of the most delicious green chili cheese burgers I would get in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At a little hamburger stand off Coors Rd.. wrapped in white paper hot off the grill, greasy, onions falling off, picking the melted cheese off the wrapper and eating that delicous burger seconds after I'd get back into the car... it was white cheese, have no idea what kind, just that it all went so perfectly together. I wonder if they ship?

                                                  2. Okay. This has now been up two whole days, and just as I suspected, no one -- not one single soul! -- has mentioned bread and butter pickles on a hamburger! So that proves it. It is absolutely and unequivocally the FRENCH who are weird. Really really weird! '-)

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                                                    1. re: Caroline1

                                                      Well, maybe, but what about those North Americans who eat their pizza with a knife and fork and/or resolutely refrain from slurping their pho noodles?

                                                      1. re: Caroline1

                                                        Take it for what it's worth...


                                                        Bread and butter

                                                        Bread-and-butter pickles are sweeter in flavor than dill pickles, having a high concentration of sugar added to the brine. Rather than being served alongside a sandwich, they are more often used in fully-flavored sandwiches, such as hamburgers, or used in potato salad.

                                                        1. re: Caroline1

                                                          I certainly would not want abread and butter pickle on a burger BUT growing up we couldn't eat sloppy joes without them.

                                                          1. re: ArikaDawn

                                                            Must be an American thing. Ragu should be served over pasta or polenta and never with bread and butter pickles. However, on a meat sandwich ...

                                                            1. re: mrbozo

                                                              mrbozo and AD, I LOVE bread and butter pickles. So much so that I actually did try them on a hamburger once. One bite, fed it to the dog, started over. Live and learn. But give me a fork and an ice cold jar of them and I'll go away happily.

                                                              I agree about some sort of sweet pickle in sloppy goes, but being lazy at heart, I'm more likely to use picadilly or sweet relish rather than chop up all those b&bs! My best childhood memory of b&b pickles is the cut crystal relish dishes my mother would set on the table at regular intervals for about four people to share. Celery sticks, carrot sticks, pitted black olives, pickled onions, cornichons and b&b pickles. She always took me aside before I went to the table and warned me that the b&b pickles were NOT all for me! <sigh> Mother's can be such wet blankets. I was also warned, up to about age 9 or 10, that I would be sent from the table if I used the olives as finger puppets. Deprived childhood. Squelched imagination. So sad.

                                                              1. re: Caroline1

                                                                'I LOVE bread and butter pickles. So much so that I actually did try them on a hamburger once. One bite, fed it to the dog,'

                                                                All I can say is, lucky dog! :-)

                                                                1. re: Caroline1

                                                                  I was set a limit of 5 black olives at family dinners Even if nobody else wanted them.. So I had to resort to stealing them from the fridge afterwards (since there was always an abundance on the table). Such a deprived childhood I had! Now I am a happy black olive glutton. No more limits. I'm surprised I've never OD'd on them.

                                                                  1. re: Catskillgirl

                                                                    I believe it may be an english thing as well. I was in London after two month in Italy. A nice burger with pickles sounded fantastic only the pickles were bread and butter pickles. Consider me to not be a fan eww.

                                                            2. re: Caroline1

                                                              Just because it's been two days and nobody here mentioned bread and butter pickles on a hamburger doesn't mean 'unequivocally' in the whole wide U.S. of A. that nobody puts them on a burger. After all it is a big country, Caroline! I would bet that a lot of people have tried them, and either liked them or didn't and those that did put them on hamburgers all the time. Further there's something to pairing sweet and savory together. Bob's Big Boy Hamburger Combo featured a sweet red relish on that burger that in my book made one of the best hamburgers around! Oh, and even though I now know your thoughts about 'Wikipedia' it seems that 'wiseGEEK' . com's article mentions the same thing about the bread & butter pickles 'for what it's worth'.


                                                              1. re: Caroline1

                                                                I like bread & butter pickles on mine

                                                                1. re: budlit

                                                                  Bless your heart. Are you French? '-) '-) '-)

                                                                  Somehow bread & butter pickles on a hot dog sounds better than on a hamburger. But I've never tried it.

                                                                  1. re: Caroline1

                                                                    Oh- I'd try bread and butter pickles on a hot dog! Otherwise, it's like Caroline says- a fork and a jar of cold B&BPs.

                                                                  2. re: Caroline1

                                                                    hmmm how interesting Miss C1, excellent observation... stuff to ponder. Have you tried it?
                                                                    Should we?

                                                                    1. re: chef chicklet

                                                                      You know, there are times when I amaze myself. I like to think I think "outside the box" more than inside, but on hamburgers and hotdogs, I am definitely inside! Sweet relish (and possibly b&b pickles) are for hotdogs, dill pickles are for hamburgers. <sigh> Maybe I need to try a hamburger with wasabi and maple syrup. And some crushed torilla chips for added crunch. Who knows?

                                                                  3. Buy a beef chuck roast, grind it at home. Season it with salt and pepper. Form it into 5-ounce patties (cooks down to 4 ounces), and cook medium rare. Top with mayo, a dab of mustard, and slices from an early girl tomato (I think it has more flavor than beefsteak, but it takes three slices to cover a patty; in the fall, when we have lots of green tomatoes, substitute fried green tomatoes for the ripe tomato slices), and a slice from a large sweet onion (such as Vidalia). No bun. No lettuce. No ketchup. The family splits on the use of cheese. I like No cheese. (my son likes extra sharp cheddar; my wife likes blue cheese, my daughter Kraft's American cheese).

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                                                                    1. re: Potomac Bob

                                                                      There is a chain of two (2) locally owned hamburger places around here that grind their own beef a couple of times a day. They feature a "bunless burger." The first time I tried one it was absolutely incredible! The perfect mix of pickles and ketchup and whatever else on top of this huge, juicy burger sitting on a cold crispy lettuce leaf, then a slice of tomato on top and cheese melted over the top of everything! Really lush and luscious. So a month or two later I ordered another, but at the OTHER branch... This time I had frozen food in the car so it was take out in a plastic box. When I opened the box, there was this burger with toppings and cheese floating around in at least a half cup of fat! And the fat smelled/tasted old. <sigh> Haven't been back to either location since. But I do longingly remember location #1. Maybe I should forgive Caine for Abel's sin? Or is it the other way around...

                                                                    2. Having lived on all three coasts I have three distinctly different ways I lke 'em. The Texas mode is buttered, griddle cooked bun (Butterkrust) yaller mustard, Del Dixie hamburger pickle chips, onion, tomato, and lettuce. The addition of jalpeno slices is good. Patty is thin and fried on a griddle. The Northeast mode was thick patty a little pink inside, toasted bun, ketchup, and onion. The Californa mode was uncooked bun, a thousand islandish dressing, tomato, onion and lettuce, medium char-grilled patty. I miss In-n-Out, but if I moved West again I'd miss What-a-Burger. Harold and Kumar notwithstanding, I don't fixate on White Castle but will gladly eat a lot of them!

                                                                      1. Let's see. I like mine grilled medium, about 80/10. In the burger meat...just S&P. A grilled bun, with the burger in this order:

                                                                        botton bun
                                                                        ketchup or mayo (never both)
                                                                        hunk of lettuce
                                                                        top bun


                                                                        1. Ground Buffalo grilled medium
                                                                          Toasted bun OR I make a grilled cheese and put the burger between that
                                                                          ketchup ON TOP
                                                                          chopped scallions
                                                                          If I use lettuce I use Romaine
                                                                          fresh tomatoes from the garden

                                                                          I also use this formula for Boca Burgers

                                                                          1. 80/20 ground beef, salt and garlic powder on the meat, grilled medium rare, grilled sesame seed bun (NEVER sliced bread!), Heinz ketchup, chopped Vidalia or other sweet onion, and bread and butter pickles! (or sweet pickle chips if that's all I've got, I'll eat dill pickles on a restaurant burger, but I won't buy them). No cheese, no pepper, no lettuce, no tomato. Ketchup goes on the burger, next to the fries, and in a little puddle to dip at the end.

                                                                            1. My top ingredients that haven't been mentioned:

                                                                              Slice of sweet onion grilled to mellow out the flavor some.

                                                                              the Anchor Bar in Superior WI make an burger with a cream cheese/green olive spread. I've done it at home before and it is now one of my favorite toppings for a burger. Doesn't really need anything else. Maybe some lettuce and a slice of tomato.

                                                                              1. there must have been a recent response in here to someone cause it was on the recent conversations page so i am going to try and jive it back together! i know it otherwise died in 2008.

                                                                                i eat a lot of veggie burgers in the summer, cooked outside on a bbq at my dads house by the beach.
                                                                                standard -
                                                                                in order slightly toasted on the grill seedless bun (bottom)
                                                                                garden burger original patty
                                                                                fried or raw onion
                                                                                cheese (usually it's plain old american melted)
                                                                                bbq sauce or green chili (from a bottle)
                                                                                lettuce or spinach if we have it
                                                                                top bun
                                                                                all assembled on the grill, and flipped over to heat the top real quick.
                                                                                pretty perfect - i will add other things available from time to time, like sauteed mushrooms and avocado but the above is what we normally have so it is really easy to throw together.

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                                                                                1. re: pie22

                                                                                  Yes, there was a recent reply that brought the thread up and I then also posted (I wouldn't have otherwise) but that post and one of mine appears to have vanished...

                                                                                2. I served in a place that made really good burgers.....
                                                                                  Bun - toasted pretzel bun (or mcDonalds filet o'fish type bun)
                                                                                  ground beef seasoned with crushed garlic, s&p, STUFFED with chevre and finely diced jalapenos or bleu.
                                                                                  grilled well (in Canada, this is required by law.)
                                                                                  sauteed mushrooms, (stripey) bacon, dill slivers,one thick tomato slice, romaine lettuce, torn to fit bun. More jalapenos if feeling daring and avocado or sauteed red peppers if available.
                                                                                  Burger is then enjoyed with a fork and knife; ketchup, mayo and sriacha applied to every bite.
                                                                                  Enjoyed with beer or red wine.