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Jul 16, 2008 07:17 AM

Great Experience at "Homebake" Pizza on Roncy

Just had my first experience with the new "Homebake Pizza co." on Roncy and was very pleased. I have a great pizza chef right here at home, but when he doesn't feel like making a pie I will definitely go here again - nice fresh ingredients - many organic, excellent thin crisp crust options, a clean and attractive shopfront (no sit down as you take home the pizza and bake it yourself) and very nice people to boot. They give you the uncooked pizza on a piece of parchment paper (on top of a carboard tray) and you simply slide it off directly into the oven. I couldn't cook mine right away so I froze it for 24 hours and it was still fantastic. a large was $24 which lasted over two nights and I think the value for the quality is definitely there.

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  1. I have to agree with sochow. Very skeptical at first because of the cook at home method, but they make a very good pie. Great crust.

    1. What's the address and what kind of toppings were available?

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        Sorry for the delinquent response. Here's a link. I had a nice combination of goat cheese, spinach, pesto, carmelized onions and roasted mushrooms - delicious. I had to spread the pesto a bit during baking.

      2. This is good news! There was a chain when I lived in California called Papa Murphy's and it was take and bake fresh pizza, and also was really good. It seems weird to bake your own pie but with solid sauce, crust and ingredients you can see how this works! Looking forward to checking this out!

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 can't put cucumber on pizza..take and bake has been around for some odd 20 years, it seems to go in cycles ( grocery stores have had it as a staple for years). But this is another great option in the hood.

        2. Where there any special/interesting topping combinations?

          1. I live right beside it. For the amount of time it took to open (almost an entire year) she will have to start making some good money soon or I worry the business will close.

            I never have been in. The hours are changing as are the toppings. I have seen the pizza and it looks good.

            It is located at Dundas and Roncesvalles.