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Shahi Palace report

A small group of very hungry hounds (and lurker hounds) headed to Shahi Palace a few weeks back, based on bomobob's raves about their mutton palak. It bills itself as serving Pakistani and Indian cuisine, and while the menu is fairly typical of most Indian or Pakistani restaurants here – with a few very notable exceptions – the dishes themselves are far better than almost any other I've had in Montreal. Decor-wise, the restaurant is what you'd expect from an ordinary strip mall on Sources. It's small (I don't think it seats more than about 25 or so) and seems to be family-run. It's also BYOB.

We had beef nahari, chili fish, the aforementioned mutton palak, shahi paneer, haleem, chicken balti, vegetable biryani, palak paneer, aloo gobi, naan bread and raita. By far the best dish was the chicken balti, which we ordered on the waiter's recommendation. Its combination of deep/dark and high/bright flavours wowed us all. (It was so good we ordered a second one, actually). This isn't a dish we've ever seen in Montreal before, and you can be sure we'll be going back to try this again soon.

While all the dishes were very good, some were really outstanding – aside from the aforementioned chicken balti, we loved the beef nahari, chili fish, and the naan. The naan rated as the best any of us had tried in Montreal – great texture and flavour, perfect blistering. The chili fish was a bit of a suprise – I think everyone expected it to be a seasoned piece of fish, but instead it was very much a spicy curry with good-sized pieces of mild white fish mixed in – even the non-fish eater among us enjoyed it. The scrumptious beef nahari had a rich, dark, deeply spiced sauce. The vegetable dishes were good, especially the biryani, with its large chunks of seasoned potato mixed into the rice, the palak paneer, which some of us found to be far more complex in flavour than ones we've tried elsewhere, and the gobi aloo with its delicate and complex spicing – one of our group commented that this was a dish that usually bored them to tears in most restaurants, but felt that this one was a pleasure and a treat to eat. Surprisingly, although the mutton palak was indeed good, with its mixture of lamb, spinach and spices, it was not in the same league as the chicken balti...The only dish that was a bit disappointing was the haleem – and even then, not because it wasn't good (it was), but because according to our haleem experts, it wasn't at all like the one that Halal serves – the consistency was soupier, and more dal-like, with a less rich and complex taste than the one at Halal. But that chicken balti – how do I describe that mix of flavours? It was just really a standout.

All dishes had just the right balance of spice and flavour – not too much spice to overwhelm the delicate flavours, but just enough kick to leave us in need of the raita. It seems that someone in the kitchen is using very fresh spices and mixing up different curry blends. They don't just make a generic spice blend and use it for every dish. And the dishes had none of the excess oiliness often found at other Indian or Pakistani restaurants.

A dry Portuguese white wine and Dieu du Ciel beer were the libations of choice for the evening (and then there was that forgotten bottle in the freezer...). Portions look deceptively small, as they're served in small copper pots (are these also called balti?), but there was more than enough to go around, and we all left feeling quite sated. If however you were still hungry after a meal here, Pushap is right next door, where you could always pick up a few Indian sweets to go. You should count on at least 1 ½ dishes per person, plus naan and rice, to make up a decent meal. Our feast came to about $20 per person (not including the cost of the beer and wine), which might be a little high price-wise in comparison to other places, but certainly worth every penny, quality-wise.

Shahi Palace is located at 4773 Sources in the West Island, and is closed Tuesdays. Definitely highly recommended. Now the only difficult decision to make will be whether to head to Shahi Palace or Bombay Choupati next time we're in the area – although we would seriously consider doing both!

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  1. Great report! I wish I had come!
    I have seen balti in other places around town but it is not common. The most recent place is Masala Mantram in Laval, which I have previously written about. They have both chicken and lamb; I have tried only the lamb and just loved it...indeed very complex flavours.
    Balti is indeed the name of the pot in which it is cooked but also denotes food from Mirpur, a place in Northern Pakistan.

    1. This makes for mouthwateringly good reading. I wish I'd known you were going.
      I'm so glad they didn't disappoint.

      1. Thanks for the great write-up, cherylmtl. And thanks to bomobob for the heads-up.

        While many things about Shahi Palace impressed, the most impressive was the freshness of the cooking. Even the long-cooked stews had that quality. Nothing was generic or haphazard, nothing tasted stale or like it had been sitting on a steam table all day. Each dish had its own character. The spicing was savvy, too. A few days afterwards, three of us ordered the palak paneer at Bombay Choupati and it couldn't hold a candle to Shahi Palace's -- the cheese wasn't as tender, creamy or consistent, the spinach was mushier (more cooked?) and the spicing was flat by comparison. (In BC's defence, it was a Sunday evening and the kitchen didn't seem to be firing on all cylinders; the dosa was more spongy than crisp, for example.) That freshness was turned up a few notches in the balti, largely due to the fresh ginger and cilantro and the short cooking time, I suspect; a truly memorable dish, and one I look forward to trying in other iterations (shrimp, beef, mutton, kebab and quail balti are also on the menu).

        BYOB, yes, but not very well equipped in that regard. The glasses were small and clunky and no ice bucket was proffered for the white, a pity on such a warm evening. I'd be tempted to bring stemware and a wine cooler of some sort next time.

        Though one person in our party thought the dishes were small, I can't agree. That point was driven home at Bombay Choupati, where I was one of a party of three. My third of the goat curry (incredibly delicious) at Bombay Choupati was not much larger than my one-seventh portion of, say, the beef nahari (incredibly delicious) at Shahi Palace. Also, our Shahi Palace party of seven had no appetizers before digging in and, because it was so good, ordered more naan than we really needed to. And $20 a head is about the minimum I expect to pay for dinner at most of the decent London-style Indian restaurants in the centre city, places where the tired, production-line cooking doesn't begin approach Shahi Place's care and quality.

        Should also mention that the restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and that, as befits its strip mall location, parking is plentiful. The phone number is 514 685-0000.

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          <BYOB, yes, but not very well equipped in that regard. The glasses were small and clunky and no ice bucket was proffered for the white, a pity on such a warm evening. I'd be tempted to bring stemware and a wine cooler of some sort next time.>

          I am guessing this might be due to the fact that they are a fully halal restaurant, which probably means that they are not familiar with boozing conventions, such as the necessity to keep white wine cold. In other words, they seem to be letting people drink out of courtesy. Even if their belief might be against it, they respect people who drink, which I believe is very nice of them (or if you look at another way, they know their target market well).

          So future goers or Shahi Palace: beware the the BYOB situation, but also be fair.

        2. Lets see, if this restaurant get reviewed by any of the Montreal papers, and/or gets reviewed in any of the Montreal food blogs in the coming months. So there're some very good eats in the West Island. The Montreal restaurant critics(even in the English papers) usually never review West Island eats

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          1. re: BLM

            I doubt it will get reviewed (thankfully), its been around for ages (and always as good), is small and completely out of the way. Let's keep it an internet (not so) secret place. We don't want the masses clogging up all the space and overwhelming the family style kitchen. :-)

            1. re: BLM

              I say the Hour or maybe even the Gazette will review it within the next month.

              I probably just jinxed it, though.

              1. re: SnackHappy

                Shahi Palace has already been reviewed by the Gazette years ago, by the late-Ashok Chandwani. Finally went to Shahi Palace earlier this month. The chicken balti was excellent. The nan I was little disappointed(tried it twice over two visits). The sizzling chicken(recommended by the Shahi Palace owner) that I tried was barely edible for me(found it too too too sweet!).

            2. Based on Chowhound recs. my family of three went to Shahi Palace last night. 100% satisfaction - once again this board proves a valualbe tool in resto selection. We had the chicken balti, mutton palek, palek paneer and haleem; all served with includede naan. Spicing was "medium" (Canadian scale) and "mild" (Pakistan-India scale). Nothing to add to existing reviews except to heartily second them.

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              1. re: rosario

                Restaurant writers are simply humans like us (I am sometimes one) who are always looking for the next place to write about. If you want to keep this out of the papers, stop posting about it. The place has been around a long time and does not need the extra business that will be brought on by a Gazette review. More success culd lead to an increase in quantity and the usual corresponding decrease in quality.

                1. re: spankyhorowitz

                  It was already reviewed in the Gazette once awhile back, got great reviews. I've been there since the review, and still as great as always!

              2. So I'm just double checking, they are open on Mondays, but closed on Tuesdays, right? I'm thinking we're gonna go here for our first night's dinner (and our anniversary) at the end of the month.

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                1. re: Morganna

                  According to their menu:
                  11:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
                  Mardi - Fermé
                  Tuesday - Closed

                  You can always call and ask: 514 685-0000

                  1. re: carswell

                    Can you give me an idea of the price range for the food here? We'll mostly be eating off the appetizer menu, I expect, as our tummies are not very big. Though just an idea of the ranges would help me budget this. :)

                    1. re: Morganna

                      Actually, the menu lists only three appetizers: vegetable samosas, meat somosas and vegetarian pakora. They're $2, $2.50 and $2.95 respectively.

                      Most of the main dishes, all of which are served with rice or nan, run between $10 and $12, though a couple of shrimp dishes are $14 and a few beef dishes $8 or $9. Tandooi chicken legs and quails are $5 each, chicken breasts $6. Vegetables and daals range from $6 to $9, biryanis from $8 to $14.

                      It's easy enough to order a few dishes and then order more if you're still hungry. For light eaters, I'd count on one to one and a half dishes (one of which really ought to be a balti) per person, including some of their excellent nan and rice.

                      1. re: carswell

                        I have in the past gone on record saying that I find the dishes smallish at Shahi Palace, but I now officially retract that statement. I went with hubbie recently, and we ordered 3 dishes for the two of us. The dishes come with rice and naan. We were absolutely stuffed, and even had to take some leftovers home, enough for each of us to eat another small meal again. And this was when both of us were famished to start and in full competitive eating mode.

                        If you are light eaters, start with 2 dishes only.

                        I would comment that my initial impression regarding the paucity of the servings came about from a meal with a large group of people. I am beginning to believe in the adage which states you eat and drink more with large groups of people.

                        1. re: moh

                          I'm so glad to hear this, moh, thanks for updating it!

                          1. re: moh

                            I guess it depends which groups of people you're with ;-)

                          2. re: carswell

                            We absolutely ADORE nan, that's an absolute must. :) Can you tell me what a balti is, exactly? I've seen it mentioned before (I suppose I could look it up, eh? I AM sitting in front of the greatest reference desk in the world ;) :).

                            Those prices are great, I think we'll have no problem sticking within our budget. My husband was getting worried with all the big plans I've been making. :)

                            1. re: Morganna

                              See http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/5395... for some background.

                              Quoting the Oxford Companion to Food quoting Chapman:
                              "'The foods served in the Balti pan are freshly cooked aromatically spiced curries. Balti food at its best is very aromatic but not excessively spiked with chiles. Traditionally it is eaten without rice or cutlery. Balti bread is used to scoop up the food using the right hand only.'

                              "Chapman's analysis of the origins of Balti cooking includes a bow to China (notably Szechuan); to Tibet; to Moghul cuisine; and to the 'aromatic spices of Kashmir'."

                              Shahi Palace's version owes its remarkable freshness to last-minute cooking and the savvy use of fresh ginger, tomato and cilantro.

                    2. I finally went and was impressed. I had the lamb balti which was very good but I think I prefer the version at Masala Mantram in Laval (I am a sucker for rich sauces). The meat samosas were so delicious I could have eaten a dozen; the pastry was so flavorful and the filling well spiced. Hubby stuck with his all-time fave, the butter chicken and I must say that it is pretty good and it made my top 5 butter chicken list for Montreal. Unfortunately (for us) they were very busy: several big parties, many Muslim families coming for Iftar, people walking in for take-outs and the phone ringing non-stop for orders...There was only one person working the front and the poor fellow was a tad overwhelmed but he was so kind, patient and friendly with everybody (even a snooty couple who caused a stink about some nonsense), who can fault him? He did not charge us for our drinks (well, I actually never got my chai) and the rice because we had waited so long for our food and had to ask for things like water, the bill several times. In any case, the poor service did not ruin our experience and we will be back for more.
                      On a sidenote, the jalebi next door at Kwality looked fantastic but there was no room left in the tank...and the place was empty at the peak dinner hour. Shalimar across the street was also quite busy. Does anybody have any experience with either of these places?

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                      1. re: hungryann

                        So, I went to Shalimar and I was again impressed. I can't believe how many great/excellent south asian restos the Mtl area is acquiring! Although it would be nice to have some more variety of the different cuisines of the subcontinent...but I digress, on to the food at Shalimar. We weren't very hungry so we got 1/4 tandoori chicken, the standard butter chicken, rice and naan. We got treated 2 fresh, crispy and light papadums while we waited for our food; these were the best papadums I have ever had, none of that stale, commercial garbage on offer at some places. The tandoori chicken was a revelation: very moist and well spiced all the way through, and not bright red for a change. The butter chicken was tomato-ey and rich but not overly creamy and the aromatics came through nicely with a bit of chili heat. Extremely satisfying. I will have to revise my top 5 butter chicken list yet again! The rice and naan were standard. Overall, a fantastic meal.I look forward to going back and working my way through their menu including their balti dishes and their kebab rolls. My only problem, hotw to fit in all these places on my regular rotation??
                        BTW, I was at Bombay Choupati last week and had their butter chicken special and it was dissapointing. The spicing was off and very one dimensional; the dominant flavor was creaminess. I think the woman who is in the kitchen normally was off. Everything was a little different (and not better different). The waitress told us that they will be closing until late January for their annual winter break. I hope they come back well rested and with their A game on; I will forgive one disappointing meal since they have fed me quite well in the past and look forward to more good eats from them. In the meantime, I will continue to explore the rest of the indian scene.

                      2. We ate there last night and thoroughly enjoyed the meal. We had meat samosas and beef balti (without the coriander, because we intensely dislike coriander). It was delicious. Service was slightly slow but there were only two guys working. It wasn't too busy, but there was a steady stream of folks coming in. The only change I asked for in the balti was the lack of coriander. It was rich and spicy and gradually got too hot for me but my husband adored it. Next time we get it with chicken. The samosas had a different crust than the jamaican samosa guy has on the ones he sells at our local farmer's market. Jamaican guy's are flakier, more like filo dough, these were errr doughier :) More like what I'd expect on a Cornish pasty. Served with a spicy yogurt sauce and a deep brown sweetish sauce, also spicy. Next time, I'll get a lassi as well. :) The nan was fresh and yummy as well.

                        Totally worth the longish drive in rush hour traffice to get there. :)

                        1. Can anybody tell me if they do take-out? With a baby, this is often my only choice!

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                          1. re: robvh

                            When we were there there was couple ordering for take-out, so yes, I believe they do. Why not call and check?

                            1. Just had to add here. On our way out from Montreal on Friday morning, we stopped back at Shahi Palace and got some nan bread to go. We stopped in the little Indian/Pakistani grocery nearby and I bought some packets of spice blends and some paneer so I could make some Shahi Paneer at home for dinner that night, and we stopped at a little clothing boutique that has a going out of business sale. I am -very- tempted by sarees, cholis, and lenghas. I'm still not quite willing to commit, but man are they ever gorgeous clothes. :)

                              We had the nan last night with the Shahi Paneer and it was lovely. I'm considering making Rogan Josh again tonight for dinner, but I might just do a butter chicken or chicken tikka masala instead, so we cna use up the last of the nan. :)

                              Thanks again, everyone, for this recommendation.

                              1. Tried out Shahi Palace a few days ago with a buddy and his wife, mostly based on the reviews on this board. We had a bit of trouble finding the place initially, since that block on Boulevard Des Sources is lined with 2 strip malls composed mainly of indian restaurants and shops, we didn't have the exact address handy, and none of us are accustomed to the 32-lane boulevards of the west island.

                                The interior, as mentioned before, is utilitarian at best. We were happy to walk in and find that most of the customers were mainly large South Asian families, which was reassuring. The host (who I assume is the owner) was jovial, friendly and funny, and made us feel very comfortable. We leafed through the menu and I decided on the Lamb Balti (to compare against Masala Mantram), with my friend opting for the butter chicken and his wife getting Chicken Tikka. The waiter was very young and didn't seem all that knowledgeable, but was very polite and accommodating.

                                Both of my friends - who are white - asked for their dishes "spicier", which seemed to surprise the host, as he informed them that those dishes are usually not served spicy (which they aren't), although he agreed to make them "a little spicier". When I asked for my Lamb Balti to be "balti-spicy", he gave me a knowing look and said something along the lines of "for you, I make it spicy". The whole scene was surreal and funny; if it had happened somewhere else it would've felt awkward, but because of his disposition it was actually quite a laugh. He then brought a whole pitcher of ice-cold water and placed it next to me...

                                We waited a fair bit for our food to arrive, which was strange because the restaurant wasn't very busy. But when it did arrive, oh boy, did we understand why. The Lamb Balti is *the best* Balti I've had outside of the U.K., and possibly rivaling the ones I'd had there, although memory may not serve me right since it was something like 3 years ago. It was, indeed, very spicy, but "spicy with a flavour", not just spicy for the sake of being hot. The quality, freshness and flavor of the ingredients in my dish were fantastic, and on par with Tandoori Xpress in Laval. The lamb was melt-in-your-mouth, with nary a gamey flavour to be had. Soaking up the remnants of the balti with the pillowy naan - again, a match for naan almost everywhere else I've tried in the city - and then chasing it down with some Raita and water, is one of my fondest food-memories from the past couple of weeks.

                                My friend's butter chicken, on the other hand, while still quite good, wasn't as much of a standout as at most other places we'd tried. It seemed too tomatoey, and just a little bland; it could have used just a little more sweetness. The friend's wife's Chicken Tikka was amazing, and in her words "the yummiest I've ever had". The chicken was tender, perfectly cooked, with consistent flavour. She's petite and usually a very light eater but managed to finish nearly everything on her plate.

                                The portions of rice and naan were very big, and the prices were on par with or lower than most other similar places. Although I've not been to most of the Indian / Pakistani restos in the area, Shahi Palace rates up there with Tandoori Xpress in my top 3. I do need to go back to Masala Mantram to try something else on their extensive menu, and I will definitely return to Shahi Palace to try the Mutton Palak, which has been raved about on this board.

                                Shahi Palace Restaurant
                                4773 Boul Des Sources, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y3C6, CA

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                                1. re: stevenmansour

                                  I had a similar experience with the butter chicken, a bit bland, not my favorite version of butter chicken. I still prefer the butter chicken at Bombay Choupati down the road. I also am not a big fan of the shahi paneer, which had a taste of Campbell's Cream of Tomato soup!

                                  But goodness! Some of the other dishes are so wonderful, such as the balti and the beef nehari, and the palak paneer. This is food to dream about!

                                  1. re: stevenmansour

                                    "The quality, freshness and flavor of the ingredients in my dish were fantastic, and on par with Tandoori Xpress in Laval"
                                    Are you referring to balti specifically or in general? AFAIK, there is no balti at Tandoori Xpress.

                                    1. re: hungryann

                                      I should've been more clear: I meant the ingredients in general, as there is no Balti at TX.

                                  2. whatever you do, don't ask them to make you extra spicy chicken balti. BIG MISTAKE. 5 forkings in and i was begging for my mother.

                                    1. So five of us went on a Curry Expedition and were satisfied with the findings!
                                      Veg samosas were tasty - with a nice tiny kick. (Alas, no meat samosas so we settled on some dry, unremarkable pakoras).
                                      Papadums were okay, not as crisp and light as I'd like.
                                      The chicken balti was so savoury -love that coriander!
                                      The beff nahari - extra spicy - wasn't THAT spicy but had enough of a kick and lustily so!
                                      The two paneers - with cheese and potato - were heaven: not like creamed spinach in other places, with big creamy cubes of cheese but rather skimpy portions of nicely done potato cubes.
                                      The chili fish was the second best after the balti, with lots of chunks of whitefish in a tasty curry - will ask for extra extra spicy next time to zuzz it up.
                                      Not crazy about the veg biryani - usually don't have it with mushed up spicy potatoes; much preferred the plain basmati rice.
                                      Not crazy about the nan either which was a little dry and chewy for my liking.
                                      The mango lassis were a bit on the sweet side.
                                      Overall, a successful Curry Expedition.
                                      Lots of people ordering take-out and we overheard butter chicken many times; maybe we'll try it on our next expedition.
                                      Service was quick and efficient but slowed down as they got busier with take out and other customers.
                                      And boy was it cheap - something like 80 bucks with tax and tip.

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                                      1. re: chilipepper

                                        Like with you, I wasn't too crazy about their nan bread.

                                        1. re: BLM

                                          The best naan I have had in recent memory is at Tandoori Xpress in Laval but not too much else was thrilling; see my previous post on it. I feel most indian places are using similar pre-bought naan dough or undercooked naan from the same wholesaler and then bake it quickly before serving. It's soft and delicious for 3 min after it arrives but soon becomes chewy and rubbery as it cools.

                                          1. re: hungryann

                                            Interesting. What did you think of the nan bread at Shahi Palace(if you still remember how it tasted)?

                                            1. re: BLM

                                              Pretty average. It does not stand out in my mind.

                                      2. we went to shahi palace the other day and we tried their B.B.Q such as Tandoori Chicken with onion,Shesh Kabab (beef and chicken) and ate with green mint sause very delicious,we also orderd chicken balti,chicken bryani nan bread and white rice it was really good reallt delicious,i ve tried so many resturants before but this was really outstanding it's bit far from my house but it worth i will recomend you people go their again and you will absloutly love it,thanks for intro ducing me sucha a good place for good food.

                                        1. Saturday we decided to try lunch at an indian restaurent that we have not tried.

                                          Decided on Chef Akbar. Reached there at 2:05pm. Opened the doors, no one was there. Someone came (I recognize him to be the Chef Akbar). I asked if they are closed.. He said they are! by 2:05pm!!!! I could not believe a restaurent can close their lunch at those hours!!! We were with kids, even after looking at our disappointment he even did not say ..ok.. may be we will serve you .. So, we had to leave with hungry stomachs..

                                          Then decided to try Shahi Palace. Reached there at 2:30pm.

                                          First impression. The restaurent has bad smell - of a room that does not have any air flow.. Ewww..

                                          Then the lady (guess she is the owner) messed up the order. We ordered Chicken Balti, Chicken Biriyani, Nan, Paneer Nan and Chili Fish. I mentioned the order twice and made her repeat.

                                          She gave Mutton Biriyani instead of Chicken Biriyani and she insisted that I ordered Mutton Biriyani.. I told her I wont mind mutton Biriyani but my wife does not eat mutton so, I could not use it.. I just got blank stares! We were already hungry to death, I had to just shut the f#@& up..I had no energy to fight..

                                          The Biriyani is so so. It tastes like mutton curry mxied to Biriyani rice.. It is not what I expected from a pakistani resto.

                                          The Balti has amazing taste. Spicy. Really good. But the quantity is so small that I started to feel Bombay Choupaty servings are huge compared to Shahi Palace... From now onwards, I swear I will never hate Bombay Choupati on their serving size!

                                          Nan is served cold. I will come to it later.

                                          Chili Fish has over powering coriandar powder.. Fish also does not taste fresh.

                                          The lady did not care to serve water after the initial filling. We ourselves had to go and get the jug. This is an absolute shame considering that there is only one other table that was occupied in the whole restaurent.

                                          I dont regard Shahi Palace an Indian or Pakistani restaurent for the simple fact that they did not care to serve Nan warm. The owner lady did not offer any apologies on messing up the order by serving Mutton Biriyani and there by leaving my wife go unhappy..

                                          I will never visit this restaurent again. I am happy with Moti Mahal.

                                          Shahi Palace Restaurant
                                          4773 Boul Des Sources, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y3C6, CA

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                                          1. re: jake_ryan

                                            Thanks for your report. When I was there the 2 times(over a year ago), I dealt with the owner(a male). Anyone else with recent dining experiences at Shahi Palace? Would be interested in more recent feedback?

                                            Shahi Palace Restaurant
                                            4773 Boul Des Sources, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y3C6, CA

                                            1. re: BLM

                                              I've been living in that area for over 1 year and rotated between Bombay
                                              Choupati and Shahi Palace. We typically had take out from Shahi and were
                                              very pleased with the food. The portion sizes seemed typical and the taste
                                              was always on. In the last few months we actually went to eat in at Shahi and
                                              as I have mentioned in another thread I started looking around and noticing
                                              that this was not one of the cleaner places around, pretty turned off
                                              actually. It's too bad because their dishes are really good and their nan
                                              was never disappointing. Portions like I mentioned were pretty standard
                                              IMO, bigger than Choupati.

                                              Give another chance to Chef Akbar we just tried it for the first time last
                                              month and really enjoyed it, I posted a quick review in one of the "West
                                              Island" threads. Portion sizes are pretty standard there too, although I
                                              agree that Choupati's portions are slightly off, I don't know where you've
                                              been for Indian that has huge serving sizes to me all the Jean Talon places
                                              and the ones in the West Island are all pretty much the same. Anyway if you
                                              live in the WI try Akbar the food is really fresh, although I didn't find
                                              the nan anything to write home about the rest of the stuff we had was very
                                              good and the place was CLEAN.

                                              1. re: ios94

                                                I am getting this reality check on portion sizes ;-) It has been some days since I tried these restaurents.. I used to either go to 786 or Pushaps depending on if the mood to eat is non-veg or veg.. After getting to know about chowhound, I really started to try other restos and getting used to portion sizes..

                                                Will definitely try Chef Akbar but will never try Shahi Palace. Cold Nan in a indo-paki restaurent?? Meaning the guys are not proud of the food they serve!! I will never pardon them for this crime!

                                                Shahi Palace Restaurant
                                                4773 Boul Des Sources, Pierrefonds, QC H8Y3C6, CA

                                                1661 Av Dollard, Lasalle, QC H8N1T7, CA

                                                1. re: jake_ryan

                                                  Well two years ago, the naan was fresh and hot. *shrug*

                                              2. re: BLM

                                                I went there about 3-4 months ago and also dealt with the male owner. he was very nice and I did not notice a change in the quality of the food. I loved the seekh kebab nan sandwich BTW. The premises do look unkempt, the cutlery and glassware are very used and the restaurant hasn't been renovated in over 20 years. I like to think the food is prepared for in a hygienic way, even though the facilities are dated and disorganized, but I could be wrong. I have yet to try Moti Mehal.

                                                Moti Mehal
                                                1024 Rue Jean-Talon Ouest, Montreal, QC H3N, CA

                                                1. re: hungryann

                                                  This jibes with all my experiences of the resto, the most recent of which was last spring.

                                                  Sounds like jake_ryan hit it when the regular staff had the afternoon off and the person "manning" the kitchen wasn't a cook. Maddening for sure but hardly justification for writing the place off.