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Jul 16, 2008 06:48 AM

Afghan food

I was recently introduced to Afghani food and have been planning a trip to Kabul House in Skokie. Can anyone give me a critique? What are the best things to order? Thanks

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  1. It's been a while since I've been but enjoyed it very much. The owner was very nice and helpful. Somewhat similar to Persian but they had some nice additions (e.g. pumpkin).

    1. Kabul House is a really nice family run place. It's a winter standby for us since the food, though simple, has kind of a home-cooked honesty. Qabili Pilau, which is braised lamb over basmati, is the thing to order. The rest of the menu is heavy on the kebabs, which I find kind of dull. Get the appetizer combo of vegetarian spreads. That will include the pumpkin dish mentioned below, but also the eggplant which is my favorite. I think all the dishes come with rice topped with raisins and sweet glazed carrots which is especially delicious.

      1. I live nearby, and it is a staple restaurant for me and my wife. If you are a carnivore, all the kebabs are good, I am especially fond of the shami, a seasoned ground beef on a skewer. My vegan friends rave about the vegetarian items, including eggplant, spinach, pumpkin, and lentils (a sampler of all four is availabe at lunch,) all of which are hearty and flavorful. I agree with the positive commets about the Qabili Palau, and also like the Chicken Biryani.

        I've never had anything less than a satisfying experience over many visits, and I love their very liberal BYO policy, with minimal corkage fees. Pricing is fair, although service and pacing are inconsistent.

        1. According to posts on another board, Kabul House is closed until a move to new space a few blocks west (3606 Dempster)is complete. The ceiling collapsed in the old location.

          If you want another Afghan restaurant in Chicago, try Afghan Kabob. The sandwiches suffer from having cold ingredients rolled up with hot ingredients, but everything else I have had in several visits has been good. The one Chowhound post is not too informative:

          There is more in a thread on LTHForum:
          The menu has been expanded since the photo in that thread. This is a small family-run place very close to an Islamic Community Center and attracts many African Moslems as well as Afghan. I commented that the food has some similarities to some African food to the owner's son, who speaks excellent English, and he replied that they tell him that the food is different but close enough to be welcome. Do not even think about bringing alcohol here. They are now closed on Monday.

          Afghan Kabob
          4040 West Montrose Avenue