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Jul 16, 2008 06:45 AM

Recs for Chinese or Korean in Flushing tonight?

Headed to the Billy Joel concert tonight at Shea and want to take advantage of my proximity to Flushing to have some good Chinese or Korean for dinner before the concert. I havent been to Flushing yet, so Im not sure where to go - would appreciate any recs near the 7 stop (I am 8 months pregnant and dont want to stray too far from the subway in this heat!). Let me know what your favorite Chinese or Korean is in the neighborhood. Thank you!

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  1. Jade Asian, 136-28 39th Ave. is probably one of the top two Chinese restaurants in Flushing (though there are so many good ones it's tough to make a statement like that) and might be the most convenient. Ocean Jewels, three blocks away at 133-30 39th Ave. would be another choice.

    1. this is perhaps one of the most posted about topics, hit the search bar and enjoy

      (but i say Spicy and Tasty)

      1. If you want great Szechuan (eat this and you'll give birth to an adventurous eater next month) go to Little Pepper, which is one block from the 7 train.