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Jul 16, 2008 06:05 AM

Baltimore Artscape - What's the Food Like?

I'm hoping to go to Artscape this weekend in Baltimore, July 18-20. What has been your experience with eating there? Will local restaurants be selling food?

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  1. You mean FoodScape? There have been complaints in the past that there is more food than art at Artscape. Of course those complaints are somewhere else, Arthound?

    Alot of the food is from carney folk and not that much different than other festivals. Two places that are worth checking out are Jay's Shave Ice and Sylvan Beach. Sylvan Beach will be selling their ice cream under their new brand the Taharka Brothers. Definitely try the key lime pie ice cream! Unbelievable!

    This year Artscape is having multiple, smaller food courts as opposed to the last couple of years where they jammed most of the food into a large parking lot. That should be an improvement.

    The full list of food vendors is here:

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    1. re: KAZ

      Thanks for the list, Kaz.

      The Yabba Pot on St Paul St serves amazing vegan food (and I'm an unreformable carnivore). If they have the Kale salad - I recommend a taste.

      1. re: mukalu

        Dangerously Delicious Pies is also at the Green Food Court on Charles St (across from the Charles Theater). Their Lemon Chess pie had bits of lemon peel (in a good way) but was very sugary - I had to save the rest of my piece for later. I had a taste of the apple pie - not too sweet, great apples, amazing crust.

      2. re: KAZ

        I concur on the Key Lime Pie ice cream. The mince sandwich from South Carolina BBQ was great. Although it was missing the coleslaw. :-(

        1. re: KAZ

          Arthound! Hah!

          Thanks for recommending the key lime pie ice cream! It was really good and they scoop a generous portion for $4.

          1. re: ronandaim

            Where can I find said taharka bros ice cream? also -- is it ever around besides these kinds of street fairs?

            1. re: Turkeybone

              This year they are on Mt. Royal, just west of Maryland Ave.

              They also have a retail shop in Mt Washington by the Whole Foods.

          2. re: KAZ

            So it wasn't just me? Like many other years, I loved the crowd and had a nice afternoon. But I literally think there were more food vendors than art vendors.

            Jay's Shave Ice was absolutely spectacular. I like the local snowballs, but Jay's had the feel of snow that I loved when I had a shave ice in Hawaii. If anything, I would have asked for *less* flavor.

            Any idea where else Jay's sells? Other fairs? They said that they closed their store in Timonium.

          3. So glad someone posted this question! I'm a Baltimore native who has never been to Artscape, but I was thinking about going this year. I just checked out the link KAZ provided, and I recognized a few of the vendors as "regulars" at Baltimore festivals and easily skippable (ie. Constantine Greek, Asian Grill), but most of the names I didn't recognize at all. Other than Jay's Shave Ice and Taharka Bros ice cream, are any of the other vendors particularly noteworthy?

            1. Another important question- can one drink beer (or other alcohol-containing beverage) on the street at ArtScape?

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              1. re: maddogg280

                I'm pretty sure there are beer vendors at Artscape, but I haven't been there in about two years.

                My band is playing there Sunday.

                1. re: maddogg280

                  yes, there's def beer vendors near the stages, especially the ones that aren't main stage.

                2. The original comment has been removed
                  1. My son highly recommends London Court's frozen mocha coffee drink. We bought one last year on the way to the light rail and even though we were steps away from the track, he had no problem finishing it before we boarded. I didn't even get a sip!