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Jul 16, 2008 06:00 AM

Peking Duck

Is it possible to find Peking Duck in China Town that is cooked the traditional way and not fried? We tried Bright Pearl and it was really marginal,and also FRIED! The huge restaurant, usually crowded, was almost empty. Any leads for the 'real' Peking Duck would really be appreciated! Many thanks!

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  1. Peter's Chung King at 281 College is the only resto I know of that requires 30 mins from ordering the Peking Duck to it being served, I think that means they do it the traditional way (no deep frying).

    1. I would also like to know some answers to this question, but expand the request to the best non-fried Peking Duck in the GTA cuz I am willing to drive for one. I just watched the Heston Blumenthal Peking Duck episode on FN and have a big-time craving.

      Paging Charles Yu and company....?

      1. not that this helps, but there used to be a chinese resto on don mills between lawrence and eglinton (on the west side).
        they specialized in Peking Duck. it closed 2 years ago and was replaced with a Ghenghis Khan Mongolian Grill.
        otherwise, the only Peking Duck i've seen is that fried/carmelized type you see in Chinese Town i.e. the Inside Out Electric Duck

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          I had an AMAZING peking duck two weeks ago at the Ambassador in Richmond Hill. It is definitely done the traditional way.

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            Maple Yip, a simple family style Cantonese restaurant has Peking Duck on their menu.
            I have never tried it there.
            Their food is excellent, and I can't see them taking shortcuts.
            Their phone is
            416 297 1438
            We were there last night and had a melt in the mouth steamed green bass.

            1. re: erly

              I don't know,,, While I agree that Maple Yip has great food, it's more, as you say, a family-style restaurant. I'm not sure they would have the time or facilities to prepare such banquet-style dishes such as Peking Duck. Is it even on the menu? I eat there all the time and I've never noticed it.


          I ate peking duck last fall at the Grand Chinese Cuisine restaurant at the Doubletree Airport was decent, but the one at Lai Wah Heen a few years ago was MUCH better.

          1. A bit but not entirely OT: Who prepares the best Peking duck to take out in the downtown Chinatown?

            BTW, long gone, but a tasty Peking duck was to be had at Champion House on Dundas (if memory serves, the only really good thing on their menu).