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Jul 16, 2008 05:55 AM

Blue Ginger: must try dish?

I'm surprising my wife with dinner at Blue Ginger on Saturday. She's never been and at the very least I know she'll be amused to eat at the famous TV chef's joint. Plus I'm sure she'll be flummoxed trying to figure out where the heck I'm taking her as we drive from the city out to the 'burbs. Of course we'll want to make the most of the night food-wise: any suggestions as to what to order?

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    1. re: laulauman

      ditto butterfish. Skip the curry noodles if they have was just weird.

      1. re: laulauman

        well laulauman-only a kanaka would understand why you like butterfish w a name like that!! aloha

        1. re: UES Mayor

          I guess I should have mentioned that poke is on the menu also.

          1. re: laulauman

            I agree....the butterfish is great

      2. The shitake spring roll appetizer.

        1. I loved the lobster in black pepper butter sauce.

          1. I worked there for a while and the dishes that never got boring are:
            Tuna Poke (really well balanced as far as flavor and texture go, i inhale it)
            Calamari (I miss it, really simple but the best damn calamari)
            Lobster (I'm surprised it's not every post)
            The Berkshire Pork chop (haven't had it, but my friends that currently work there say it's very tasty)

            The butterfish is a consistently good dish as well and the other's aren't far off on the curry dish, it's good but don't bother, go for the great dishes. Stay away from the vegetable napoleon.

            For dessert, I'm not sure what has changed but the Macadamia Nut tart is great if you like a rich and gooey dessert.
            I'm all about the current trio of sorbets.
            I believe there is a strawberry dessert on right now, it was delicious when i tried it testing.
            Have a great time.

            1. We ate there a week ago and had the tasting menu - $80 pp for 5 courses. It included the tuna poke and butterfish, as well as the lobster (I'd recommend all three). Obviously you take your chances on what the chef wants to make, but we thought it was well worth it.


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                  1. re: Cork

                    Ditto the foie gras shumai starter. People who don't like foie gras can be converted with this. The best thing on the menu, I think.