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Jul 16, 2008 05:01 AM

Eloping. Where's the perfect place for dinner to follow?

My fiance and I will be married in downtown Manhattan on a Friday afternoon in August, just us, an officiant & a witness. We are looking for the perfect place for dinner to celebrate afterwards. It could be fancy, whimsical, lowbrow, in or out of the city - just interested to hear, where would you go if you were us?

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  1. Daniel is a great special occassion place. I also LOVE Chanterelle. Had the best meal of my life there. It's small and intimate, the service is great, and it definitely feels like a little jewel in this great city. Congrats on the marriage and have fun!

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      Wonderful ideas - I've never been to either one but will check them out. Thanks!

    2. i'd go somewhere with longevity -- so you can go back to celebrate your anniversaries.

      you really have no cuisine preferences whatsoever?

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        We love local/seasonal foods so were considering Blue Hill - but the one here in NYC feels too small/crowded, and Stone Barns is a bit of a trek. My fiance likes a little bit of kick - Southwestern/Mexican are his faves.

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          EMP and Per Se are very good restaurants with the potential for longevity, but they'are also sort of predictable as special occasion places. (Of the two, I personally find EMP more romantic.) Are you looking for something a little more off the beaten path?

          WD 50 is quirky and memorable, but some people hate the food. The tasting menu with wine pairing is a lot of fun (in my book).

          I think heading out to Stone Barns would feel special -- in part because of the trek.

          If you two met in nyc, consider going back to the restaurant where you had your first date. I would personally find a sentimental / symbolic hook and proceed from there.

      2. Best wishes to you! I'd go to Aureole, Bouley or Eleven Madison Park. All have wonderful food, service and decor. You will have a very special dinner.

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          I second Eleven Madison Park - my boyfriend and I recently celebrated an anniversary there, and the staff took such amazing care of us; it was an incredibly memorable and special meal - the setting, service, and food are all exceptional, in my inexperienced opinion.

        2. The modern in the MOMA is pretty special. You could have dinner in the formal dining room with a view of the sculpture garden. The service and the food are impeccable. If you mention that you just got married, you will probably get the best service ever!

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            I'm going to echo Eleven Madison Park (duck for 2) and The Modern. But I think I would almost go for a posh hotel with a view, a great bottle of Champagne from Sherry-Lehmann (vintage year you met?) and room service. And a huge cake. The champagne and cake you can repeat in future years to carry on a tradition. Have a great day!

          2. I have celebrated many special occasions with fabulous Manhattan dinners at Per Se, Daniel, Jean Georges, Gotham, Babbo, Le Berdanin and many others. For a very special occasion, I think Daniel does far and away the best job. A beautiful, serene setting with very kind service and absolutely amazing food.

            It has been about 5 years since I have been there, but I would recommend the table we sat at (I think they have a few that are similar), if they still have the room set up the the same way: we had a corner tables that had a tent-type structure arond it - it felt very private and lovely. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!

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              Though the food at Daniel is superb, in no way would I describe the setting and ambiance as "serene." The decor is very fancy/schmancy, and when the dining room is full, there is a surprising amount of energy. On your list, Per Se and Jean Georges more closely fit that description, i.e., very low key elegance in both cases.

              As for service at Daniel, when we were there in October, there were several serious service faults. Though we have had excellent service previously, the fact that these problems did occur makes me hesitate recommending going there when the occasion is as special as this one.