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Jul 16, 2008 01:32 AM

Reccomendations for Bollinger Special Cuvée and Billecart Salmon Brut Reserve

I recognize that many of you are probably more familiar with the Grande Année or the R.D's of this world, however my recent purchase of some Bollinger Special Cuvée and some Billecart Salmon Brut Réserve represent a big increase in my traditional "sparkling" budget (until now we had always stuck with bottles at about half the price).

I also believe that one's enjoyment of the finer foods in life is often influenced by the circumstances in which they are consumed....If you do it wrong, the taste is "lost" amongs many other aspects requiring your attention (guests, food, tension of the Day and other generic distractions).

Hence I'd like these bottles to be drunk in best possible manner (food pairings, time of the day ecc...).

Any Advice?

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  1. Two of the best basic major house NV Champagnes... good choices!

    The great thing about Champagne is that it goes with just about everything. Smoked salmon, caviar, potato chips, lobster, sushi, steak, dried salumis, almost all Vietnamese food, mushrooms, popcorn...

    Things that taste of the earth, have lots of salt, high in fat, have slight green herbal qualities, all go very well with Champagne.

    The thing that goes best with Champagne, though, is good company! :-D

    1. Main issue, in particular with respect the Billecart, is good company.
      As you correctly point out, if you do it wrong, the taste is "lost".

      1. I reccomend you come to my house and drink those beauties! Yummy!

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        1. re: chickstein

          Thanks for the advice...... I think I'll go for a carpaccio of swordfish with oil and lemon followed by smoked Salmon on white bread (with salted butter).

          A fruit salad of fresh summer peaches to close (maybe with a little vanilla ice cream).

          Nothing complex or adventurous to avoid distraction.

          PS: Chickstein, why don't you come over to my place?'s just a hop over the atlantic to Milan and then a 90 minute North-West drive to the foot of the Alps.

          1. re: Aosta

            Since it is hotter than the surface of the sun here in Texas, sounds good to me!

            Just to add salt to the wound, Billecart Salmon is not available here in Texas.

            1. re: chickstein

              Billecart is available in Texas - Spec's, Austin Wine Merchants, Goody-Goody, etc all stock this brand.

              1. re: Sam B

                Since when? I am in all of those stores frequently and I have been told several times that the wine is not avaiable in TX. I found some about a year ago in Ft. Worth. but was told that they could not get anymore. I buy mine in LA and bring it home with me.

                I will have to look again on my upcoming trips.

          2. re: chickstein

            chickstein, I was thinking the same thing!

            <'s just a hop over the atlantic to Milan and then a 90 minute North-West drive to the foot of the Alps> one of the most beautiful places on earth.

            Aosta, don't forget a little aged Fontina with the Champagne! ;>D

            and yes, the company is as important as the food to accompany such wonderful wines.

            1. re: ChefJune

              Just to give some feedback:

              We drank the Bollinger and chose to keep the Billecart for next time.

              We ate the carpaccio of swordfish and the smoked Salmon ...but the real treat was the Zucchini flowers fried in a batter of farmer's eggs and garden herbs (Chives & Parsley).

              The company was just my wife and I (with the kids quietly watching telly in the next room).

              She was over the moon...