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Jul 16, 2008 12:23 AM

grilled watermelon

yup! that's right. grilled watermelon is showing up in recipes:

i also just saw a grilled watermelon and arugula salad in the august traditional home magazine. here is dc's cafe panache's version, with feta cheese, spinach, mint, etc:

with goat cheese and balsamic:

with mozz, basil and balsamic (a la "margarita" pizza):

with shrimp and a sherry vinaigrette:

Grilled Watermelon with Goat Cheese, Pancetta, and Tomato Water Cloud
by Chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill – New York, NY (a very nice, wide-ranging blog, too!

this is done with a honey-lime syrup:

cat cora's version, with prawns:

from jose andres, a salad with pistachios and micro greens:

watermelon-mango-jicama salsa (ok, not grilled, but it looked really great!):

grilled shrimp and watermelon salad with honey-balsamic dressing (and blueberries!):

grilled scallops and watermelon kabobs (with sesame oil, ginger and garlic!):

have you done this? any tips or special recipes you'd like to share? (or have i hoovered them all up from google?) ;-)

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  1. okay, just one more, 'cause the combo sounded really good:
    Grilled Watermelon & Avocado Salad
    mixed greens / kaiware sprouts / lemon wasabi dressing

    from "zengo" in denver (really yummy menu ideas, too, from ceviches to sushi to meat and vegetarian dishes, noodles, dumplings, wheat free entrees, plus superb flavor combinations in every category):

    an earlier thread from 2006:

    1. ok, I'm resurrecting this topic, based on a related riff here:

      which also gives a great recipe for Asian pork belly and watermelon salad.

      Perhaps that's what the list above is missing, Alkapal - red meat.

      Given the clear Asian theme, I think some duck, with lots of cripy skin, wouldn't go amiss, either.