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Jul 15, 2008 11:12 PM

where to find palm sugar in nyc or queens?

hi - i'm not sure if this the right board for this question (i haven't really posted in a long time!) so please feel free to redirect...

does anyone know where to find palm sugar, the kind that comes in a soft sticky lump...we have taken some cooking courses in southeast asia and it is so very delicous that i would hate to cook some of these dishes without it!

thank you!

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  1. You can usually get them at Chinese grocery stores. I haven't looked for palm sugar so I can't vouch for the availability of it here in NYC. Maybe check out Hong Kong Supermarket or similar stores.

    1. The thai store on mosco street

      1. Kalustians on Madison Ave (low 30s or high 20s, curry hill area) has both the lumps and the granulated palm sugar. And everything else...

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          kalustyan's is on lexington ave and 28th st.

          there, or the thai place on mosco, or hong kong supermarket on hester and elizabeth.

        2. New York Supermarket, Elmhurst, Queens, right next to the Elmhurst R, G and V stop. You'll find it in the Southeast Asian Aisle.

          1. Chelsea Thai in the Chelsea Market and Asian Market in Chinatown both have palm sugar.