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Jul 15, 2008 10:00 PM

Indian food in Little India - Cerritos/Artesia?


My wife and I are looking for recommendations on Indian food in Little India (Pioneer Blvd). I've searched the site, but each time I find a good place recommended; I find it is closed or vegetarian. We are interested in the non-vegetarian restaurants.

Please help us choose a good restaurant.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. Here's a thread from last fall: DH and I absolutely love the India Restaurant.

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    1. re: OCAnn

      FYI, they also own Kamal Palace which was closed for a few years in the 90s when they turned Long Beach's Marina Pacifica into a slightly smaller than big box lifestyle center, and last I checked (a year or more back) they still shared a very similar menu. I tend towards using certain dishes I favor such as benghan bharta as my litmus test for this sort of establishment, and theirs used to be what I strive for at home and am now finally matching.

    2. There's an Indian restaurant in Pioneer and Artesia across 99 ranch. It's pretty good and I love their chicken mukhni (sp?) and sag paneer (spinach with cheese). Their roti is pretty yummy too.

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        Hmmm...I think that's the India Restaurant.....

        India Restaurant
        17824 Pioneer Blvd
        Artesia 90701

      2. How about Kabob Korner, which is in the same plaza as Tirupathi Bhimas (KK is on the ground floor, TB is one floor up).

        I don't care for meat in Indian food so I can't say whether the places that have both meat and vegetarian dishes have any good meat dishes. To me, Indian food is about amazing things done with vegetables.

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          Tirupathi Bhimas is a really good veg place and the one time that I tried Kabob Korner, TB's place with meat dishes it was also good. And it is next door to Saffron Ice Cream!

          1. re: sel

            This strip mall is in a bit of flux. Tirupathi Bhimas on the second floor no longer exists. It's been replaced by a restaurant called "Chowpatty," interestingly enough. There is a new restaurant "Bhimas" on the first floor. I assume, but cannot be sure, that it's related to the old Tirupathi Bhimas.

            I also noticed an interesting restaurant called "Tasty Tomato" on the second floor purporting to specialize in Indian Chinese food.

            Tirupathi Bhimas
            18792 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701

        2. All,

          Thanks so much for recommending India Restaurant. We went for lunch today and had an excellent meal. Everything was well-spiced. We ate the lunch buffet and particulary enjoyed the palak (spinach), chicken makhni (curry?), and naan. The servive was excellent as well. We'll definitely be returning.


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            We just had a totally fabulous lunch at Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se - Artesia, CA. This is a little restaurant with Mumbai street food, little plates of things with flavors I've never had before. Its all vegetarian but nothing I missed at all (as a big carnivore) with the mix of textures and flavors. The chef was very kind to recommend specialities since we didn't recognize a single thing, in spite of the fact that we eat lots of more traditional Indian food. Quite affordable too.

            Mumbai Ki Galliyon Se
            17705 Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA 90701