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Jul 15, 2008 09:54 PM

Under 21 in Portland--where to eat?

My son is newly in Portland, working on a political campaign, and he'd like some ideas of good (reasonably priced) places to eat. He tells me that a lot of restaurants in the evenings don't allow people under 21.

He's working on Division near 30th Street. Recommendations in that area and/or easily accessible by public transportation will be greatly appreciated! He is an open minded healthy eater in the best Chowhound tradition.

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  1. Pok Pok is right around there, and not far away on SE Hawthorne is Apizza Scholls. Also nearby is Pix for fun desserts.

    1. My 'reasonable' suggestions:

      *new seasons grocery at 12th and Division - have hot and cold prepared foods with a local/organic focus.
      * - has been getting good reviews
      *restaurants/cafes around SE Clinton in the 20s. broder is a Scandinavian place that is at 25th and Clinton that is well-recommended for breakfast.
      *kenny and zukes near powells books downtown - busing would be very easy.
      * is a cuban place that is reasonable and good
      *cha-cha-cha tacos is a local chain that is pretty decent (34 and hawthorne
      )*hot lips pizza - another good local chain with a 20th/hawthorne location
      *eugenios - 37/division not open for dinner but its a friendly little place for lunch. - a listing of food carts mostly downtown lunch (not dinner) but some excellent food to be had and at great prices to boot. some open weekends.

      This site might be useful for him in general:

      1. He's probably figured this out already, but right where he lives (On Division, somewhere around 30th - 34th) is a fantastic taco truck. The nachos are particularly good.

        He also should walk over to Clinton St, where there's a small neighborhood of fun places - although none legendary for their food.

        New Seasons Grocery has a wonderful dine-in area.

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          Thanks everyone for the suggestions, he'll definitely follow up. And yes, you're absolutely right, he'd already gone to that taco truck by the second day and enjoyed the food. Apparently it's very popular with the folks where he's working.

        2. And if the guy is into coffee, the Stumptown Roastery is right there. And isn't Lauro right there also?

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            New Seasons is a great idea. Contrary to what someone said, it's at Division & 20th, not 12th.
            Across the street from there is Bad Kitty, a felafel stand.

            Hot Lips Pizza by the slice is Hawthorne at 22nd. Make their own sodas!