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Jul 15, 2008 09:06 PM

What's up with Meiji?

I was just in Meiji tonight and was a bit surprised of the fact that it was almost empty, we got there at 8 and there were four tables at the most. Still, our sushi and service were both great, but it's always nice to feel that there's some buzz in the place. Yes, it was Tuesday night, but Avec and Blackbird were packed.
Anyway, I've always heard good stuff about Meiji and was wondering if anyone has had any bad experiences or is it going downhill or if it was simply a slow night.

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    1. re: thegreekone

      haha, yeah, I forgot what a big baseball town Chicago is. If only we'd known the game was going to hit 15 innings, I had time to eat, walk and still watch a good hour of the game.