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Jul 15, 2008 08:56 PM

Maybe Food Network is Listening

It looks like the Food Network is starting to get actual chefs back on TV. I was happy to see Anne Burrell have a new show but I saw a commercial recently advertising a new show with Alexandra Guarnachelli. I enjoy watching her as a judge on Iron Chef and I hear good things about her restaurant. I am sure they will mess it all up soon enough by giving Sandra Lee a full hour long show devoted to table scapes.

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  1. she is a talented chef but the restaurant is really more of a club.

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    1. re: nuxvomica

      I kinda have a hard time taking AG seriously on ICA. The only time I have ever seen her cook was on one of FN's dopey challenge shows. It was the Thanksgiving challenge that Joey C. from the Little Owl won. She decided to go with a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Unfortunately for her, she really mangled her mashed potatoes. They turned out the consistency of soup.

      Now anytime I hear her criticize a chef on ICA, I can't help thinking "Who are you to say it's wrong, you can't even make mashed potatoes!". I know it's not fair, but I can't help thinking it. I guess what they say about first impressions really is true.

      1. re: nuxvomica

        Butter is a restaurant. There is a club downstairs. But the dinning room is upstairs and away from the scene. Very good BTW.

      2. I have not caught all the "new" or "refreshed" shows but I have to admit I do enjoy the programming that is out of the studio kitchen and on location more. Be it beach backdrop, park or carside commentary--I like a livelier environment!

        1. My understanding is it's another food travel show, not cooking, that she's be hosting though. sigh