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Jul 15, 2008 08:31 PM

Toronto to Madawaska (Hwy 115/ Hwy 28)

I am making a few round trips to Madawaska this weekend, and am looking for some decent eats along the way. Are there any foodies in the know about this part of Ontario?

Thanks in advance :)

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  1. If you detour through Peterborough, the list is long.... Lakefield in particular has a couple of super stops - can you specify?

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      I'll be going through Peterborough and Bancroft. Will most likely only have time for one formal sit down meal, and am otherwise looking for quicker casual fare.

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        Okay ... well...

        On the weekends, lunch time is tougher as many 'better' places don't open for lunch. HOWEVER! For casual and tasty, I recommend Cassis 211 (211 Hunter Street West, Peterborough). They riff on French cuisine without it being heavy, saucy and so on...

        Hot Belly Mama's / Olde Stone Brewing Co. at 378/ 380 George Street North -- one is a cajun style restaurant - the talk of the town - and the other is a brew pub!

        Authentic Mexican? La Hacienda - which is kitty corner from Cassis 211.

        For dinner in Peterborough: Italian? Saporito (though his dinner specials are always something interesting and not really Italian, half the time!)...

        On the way between Peterborough & Bancroft, a solid choice is Old Bridge Inn at Young's Point - they do lunch and dinner and are very good... might want to reserve if it's for weekend dinner.

        For casual patio in Young's Point, go to the Old Mill Restaurant (there is signage right on the highway). The food is pretty good but the patio gets busy and they don't take reservations for that, so it depends when you go...

        As to Bancroft, we've never found something we truly liked - when we go to Algonquin park, we always do fast food there. The York River Restaurant and Tavern (read: pub) is okay... I've heard rave reviews about the Hideaway Grill at Coe Hill (if you're willing to deviate slightly from the path)...

        Hope this helps! Wishing I was going North this weekend too! :)

    2. Enjoy the World Electronic Music Festival (WEMF) dlw88.

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        ^^ ahahaha <3

        Ps. COSMIC CHARLIES in Peterborough is awesome.. killer butter chicken and amazing pad thai.

        They are so wonderful they catered my cousins outdoor wedding!
        170 Charlotte Street
        Peterborough, ON K9J 2T8

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          Karma's Cafe is also supposed to be great thai (on Hunter Street, just down from Cassis 211)... I haven't tried it yet ... but have heard good things.... :)

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          Thanks Googs! Not exactly my bag, but I'm helping out some good friends at Destiny by driving their headliners to and fro. Might as well treat them to some good chow along the way. This is the final WEMF, and, if you've never been, they are certainly pulling out all of the stops for this one. It's going to be a crazy party, if that's what you're into.

        3. We went to Palmer Rapids this weekend (Camp Visit), and stopped at the
          Lovesick Diner for breakfast. It is right on HWY 28 at Burleigh Falls.
          4738 Hwt 28
          This is 18K north of Lakefield.
          To our surprise they had pickerel and eggs on the breakfast menu.
          S ordered it, and the plate came with half a pickerel pan seared.
          He loved it,
          Said it was fresh and well prepared.
          It also came with baked beans and real home fries, which he didn't even taste, because there was too much food.
          The place is very clean, and the family have a large gift shop attached to the restaurant
          When he commented that he didn't expect such a large portion the server said, "you should see the size of the ones we serve at dinner".
          So I do recommend this place for both breakfast, and dinner if you like fish.
          Very reasonable as well.

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