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Jul 15, 2008 08:24 PM

anyone tried haus dessert bar (on 6th btwn ktown & downtown)??

drove past but couldn't stop - been wondering when LA was going to get a dessert only place!

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  1. Yes, went there twice, love it. If you like Jin's cakes, this will be the place for you: small delicate cakes that are light and not too sweet. Their tiramisu was great (they used really good mascapone cheese), and their passion fruit/mango cake was excellent.

    They also have a wide selection of coffee, and they took great pride in the drinks they served. Most of their staff had marginal command of English, but there were all very friendly.

    Cakes are $6/piece: not cheap, but you can linger in their ultra modern sofas for hours, and it is a much better deal than most K-town coffee house that served terrible drinks. My favorite post dinner dessert hang out joint.

    3826 W 6th St, Los Angeles - (213) 388-5311

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      Has anyone been recently? I passed by the other night, almost went in, wondering if it's still good. It didn't look that busy for a Friday night.

      1. re: tablefor1

        I haven't been to Haus (I've been put off by the pulsating music) but I have been to Cake Salon Bosco and Coffee House Heyri. Both had nice desserts and ambiance. Note that Korean coffee-and-dessert places have a "Parisian cafe" business model: you pay exorbitant prices for the right to stay for a virtually unlimited period. Consequently, mediocre coffee is typically more than $5 as well as any dessert offering.

        1. re: Peripatetic

          They have a Clover and uses LA Mill beans. At $5/cup, I'd rather prefer an actual cup of drinkable joe. Parking is hellacious even on the weekday, but it is one of the more palatable K-Town "Coffee houses".

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            A Clover? I had no idea . . . I thought I knew every Clover in town. (R.I.P. Clover Equipment Co.) I'll definitely try them after my next Kyochon visit.

    2. the desserts there are perhaps a tad bit better than the ones at some korean cafes, which is awful. jin isn't my fav but is def in a different league than these. the only decent korean dessert places are actual bakeries, not coffee shops/cafes. it's merely the cutesy socialite atmosphere that draws ppl to the ever so popular cafes. i have yet to find a place that actually serves good desserts (bosco and coffee house included).

      1. I'm surprised Haus has been in business this long. It's a cozy, fun, great looking place, but the quality of this korean's dessert bar is pretty awful IMHO -- save your money for a real patisserie or dessert place (Susina's Bakery, Amandine, etc). The Haus desserts we ordered all taste old, as they're probably pre-made/pre-ordered and all very dry, with some parts still frozen over (like the raspberries in the pistachio/chocolate mousse thing). As for the Quattro Berry cake thing -- the cake part was crumbly dry -- its saving graces were the vanilla frosting cream and the fresh berries, as you'll need to smash the cake bits into the frosting to get the clump to your mouth). The "Magic Cube" dessert was a chocolate covered, layered mousse thing with one canned cherry squished in the center, ok in taste, at times I thought I tasted burnt coffee or burnt chocolate or something that was a little off in ganache coating or base chocolate layer of the cube...

        Plus, the customer service leaves much to be desired. There's a 3-button gizmo at the table to literally ring your server for the "Bill", "Water" or to just "Call" the server over to attend to your needs. The buttons work, but the servers don't respond as they should (well, except for the "Bill" button -- that was the only time they quickly responded and gave us the bill).

        Asking for tap water shouldn't be a problem, but when you ask for water at the beginning of the meal and it takes 5 reminders over 1.5 hours, PLUS physically going up to the counter and asking for cups of water (and not budging till you see them pull the cups and follow you back to the table with the water pitcher), that's a sign that perhaps the place needs to re-train staff on customer service practices.
        They had initially given us the excuse that they were washing cups, but if they've been in business over a year or so (according to the date on the initial posting here), they supposedly have cups available, whether they be the cups for the teas, lattes or iced teas... They finally used the tea cups for our waters.

        Our 3 servers were pretty slow, it was a 4th server who actually helped on the water issue (thank goodness he was at least apologetic, but the other three did not apologize, nor did it seem like they understood what we were talking about, even speaking in english and korean to them).

        Regarding other drinks, it was odd they were out of their specialty drink flavorings on a Saturday evening around 8pm, and so a good number of drinks orders had to be changed (I was with 5 friends, all who had to revise their decisions). It's even more odd when the servers take all our orders and leaves, but then returns to each friend, one at a time, to tell them that their drink was not available. He had the whole list of our orders written down (some friends ordered the same drink), could have gone to the kitchen, found out the total stats on all the ordered drinks, and came back to tell us all together what was not available.

        Just a really odd and disappointing evening at Haus. So again, save your money and time for a better dessert place.

        Good luck! :)

        1. It is potentially one of the better dining adventures to be had: spicy chicken wings across the street at Kyochon and then French inspired desserts at Haus but I have to agree with some of the posters here that they can be erratic. On one occasion a circular mocha mousee with a dark chocolate topping and a layer of fresh whipped cream was wonderful. However, on another occasion the cream was hardened and the dessert tasted a few days old. Maybe if you ask the staff what's fresh from that day you'll be more successful. Another recommendation would be Wien Bakery and Coffee House on Olympic west of Vermont.

          1. Closet place to Kyochon after a gutbusting dinner of wings to chill out and relax. Have to agree with other posters, it's a fun space, but the desserts are hit or miss along with the service.