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Jul 15, 2008 07:46 PM

Excellent Meal at Rendezvous

One of the best I've had this year.

Split over a work dinner.



Duck 3 ways

Deconstructed striped bass chowder

Goat cheese

Lemon curdy huckleberry somethingorother

Really superb meal. One of the best I've had in Boston this year. I've eaten there 5 or so times and this was the best by far. Not a single off note. The octo was particuarly amazing as was the lemon dessert. Wow.

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  1. I was so happy to read this post - I too had a fabulous meal at Rendezvous a few weeks back but as a new Chowhounder (well, new to posting; I'm a long-time lurker) I often forget to post. It was our first visit and we had a great meal from top to bottom. I started with a Lychee and Cassis champagne cocktail that was perfectly balanced, cold and fizzy and a great way to start off the evening. We shared a few appetizers - the octopus salad, the gnocchi, and the softshell crab. The octopus was divine - it was so tender I couldn't believe it was octopus and it was served with roasted peppers and fennel and black olives. The gnocchi had morels and maitake mushrooms, truffle, and piave. The gnocchi was a TOUCH heavy but really just a touch; how can you go wrong with mushrooms, truffle and cheese? And the soft shell was fried and placed on top of asparagus and lemon. I've heard that it's not a great soft shell season and it's true that this one was small and not that full of crab-ness. But the preparation was light and well seasoned and the crab was crispy and not greasy at all. We split the vegetarian entree. It was escarole stuffed with farro, ricotta salata, olive, and truffled cannelini puree. To be honest it didn't look like much on the plate - 4 rolls placed in an x pattern on top of some bean puree. But it was really tasty and we polished off the plate. We skipped dessert to get ice cream at Toscaninis. The service was friendly and accomodating and we even engaged in a conversation with the couple next to us who were regulars and big fans of the chef. We can't wait to go back.

    1. I also just went (for my fiancee's birthday dinner), though while the meal was good, I didn't love it as much as I usually do with Rendezvous (which might be my favorite restaurant right now). That said, what I did love is that apparently for July, the whole menu is a $38 prix fixe, which is a great deal.

      I had the charcuterie (which was superb, chicken liver mousse, duck rillettes, smoked pork shoulder (I think) and one I can't remember, all with excellent accompaniments), and the Florida hopper shrimp, which I thought was good but not great. For desert, I had the poundcake with strawberry/rhubarb compote and rosemary ice cream. The desert was very good, and the rosemary ice cream was awesome. I also had a glass of the Coltibuono Rose they offer, which was superb. My fiancee had the gnocchi with mushrooms, which we thought was a bit bland. The toasted orecchiete entree was good but not exceptional. She had three ice creams (the rosemary, strawberry sorbet, and one other one I can't remember); those were also very good.

      1. Every time I read about that lemon huckleberry pudding mousse dessert thingy my pavlovian tendencies kick in and I MUST EAT SOME.

        So glad the meal was perfect and thanks for the reminder.