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Jul 15, 2008 06:13 PM

western MA pre/post-hike chow

Hello all. I am planning to do a day hike up Mount Greylock next month. I'll be staying in the Deerfield area and am wondering about good places to do a big pre-hike breakfast and a good post-hike dinner on the way there and back. Thinking I'll probably take either Route 9 from Northampton or the Mohawk Trail from Greenfield- which might be better, or faster, and more chow-ish? Nothing too fancy since I'll be in outdoors mode, and solo to boot. I know the Pioneer Valley pretty well, lived there for years, but rarely made it out towards the Berkshires. Thanks in advance!

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  1. The last time I was on Route 9 from Greenfield we ate at Mi Tierra.
    It was outstanding!
    Great guac, housemade corn tortillas tender and soft, chile rellenos oozing with cheese, carne y nopales tender and spicy.
    I look forward to my next excuse to get out there!

    1. Hi there-
      If you're in Deerfield rt 9 is going a bit out of the way--as pleasant as it is. If you take the Mohawk trail you can stop in shelburne falls for breakfast--my favorite choice has closed but there are several good breakfast spots there. If you want something before you hit the road Cafe Nomad in South Deerfield has good coffee and a light breakfast menu.

      For dinner Jae's was always my go-to spot in North Adams having been a fan when I lived in Cambridge I was very excited to find them in Western Mass. I've heard that they might have closed that location though--it sounds like Jaes will be opening in the spice space in Pittsfield. You may want to call the North Adams Jaes location before you go. (If you're not familiar with Jaes it's yummy Thai & Pan Asian food)

      Mass MOCA has Cafe Latino on its campus--never been.

      If you are in Deerfield for a while there are LOTS of great places to eat. Some of my favorite Pioneer Valley spots are within a couple of miles, Blue Heron, Lady Killegrew, Night Kitchen-- all fabulous.

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        Jae's in North Adams is being renovated and not open at this time. Jae's @ Spice on North St, in Pittsfield has yet to open. Cafe Latino is often quite good with good drinks and reasonable prices.

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          When I was in the area last summer, Jae's had just opened up another location in Williamstown on Rt 7, just a mile or so south of the intersection with Rt 2. It's probably a 10-15 minute drive away from Mt. Greylock (in the wrong direction for you, of course).

          There's also a couple places on Rt 2 in Gill that I've heard good things about. Skip's Roadside Diner, which specializes in Polish food, has excellent pierogi, and I also hear that the Wagon Wheel has good roadstand food.

          1. re: abs294

            The Wagon Wheel is awesome, I ate there on Sunday night. Definitely roadside food, but focus on local ingredients. And next to Skip's, it's about as casual as you can get!

            1. re: hollerhither

              We go by both of those places a lot - I am stopping the next time!

              1. re: xcptnl

                I stopped at the Wagon Wheel last weekend and it was great! I had a Cubano panini, which wasn't authentic, from what I know of Cuban sandwiches (tartar sauce instead of mustard), but it was delicious nonetheless. I'll definitely stop there again next time I go out to Western MA.

                I just read on another post that the Jae's in Williamstown has closed. Sorry for the incorrect information.

        2. re: jjdot

          Just ate at Cafe Latino, for the first time -- had a nice lunch. Variety of options including my favorite, fish tacos.

          1. re: hollerhither

            My favorite too; sorry they took them off the dinner menu!

        3. I would go on Route 2 if I were you, since it is a pain to go through Northampton. My favorite big breakfast spot (the pancakes- yum!) in the area hands down is at Elmer's Country Store in Ashfield. Of course, if you aren't familiar with the roads it might be a bit out of the way (just in between Routes 9 & 2; you'd basically have to go on 116 from Deerfield through Conway to Ashfield, and then stay on 116 to Route 8 north to get to North Adams, which is really pretty but somewhat slow). From Greenfield to North Adams is a bit tough breakfast-wise, although you can find some baked goods (Shelburne Falls Coffee Roasters, Mocha Maya's, Charlemont Country Store) and little breakfast places (there is one next to the Charlemont Post Office that is supposed to be basic but good) along the way.

          Unless you get a specific good recommendation I'd stay away from eating in North Adams. There are supposed to be some hidden gems but I haven't found them!

          1. If you take Rt. 9 in after hiking around Greylock, for dinner you could try Soo Ra at 1 Roundhouse Plaza in Northampton. Lots of people go for sushi, but I particularly like the Korean dishes. The folks who run it are very nice and won't care a bit about your post-hike appearance.

            1. Thanks for all the responses so far. Maybe I'll take Rte 2 out there and Rte 9 back, depending on how long the hike winds up being...

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                Please let us know what you end up doing! I'm going out to Williamstown this weekend and am planning a stop at the Wagon Wheel along the way.