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Jul 15, 2008 05:48 PM

Dickeys BBQ on Aloma and 417 opening..Good?

Ive seen a dickeys once before on the way to gainseville but have never eatin at one.. is it any good? compared to say other chains like sonnys (blah) and woodys.. im pretty into BBQ so it will take a little bit more than average to make me comeback

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  1. Dickeys is like the McDonalds of BBQ. They have drive throughs, drive up and walk in stores at gas stations. They serve the food by the pound or as a sandwich or plate. I think the BBQ sits in steam trays too long and can be a little dry. It is pretty basic all around, but will do in a pinch over a fast food burger place. Based on your statement that you are into BBQ, try it once and then find another spot.