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Jul 15, 2008 05:01 PM

Place for a bridal shower??

I am trying to plan a bridal shower for a friend in Philly. There will be, roughly 16 guests. I'm not from the area and I'm having a hard time trying to pick a place based on websites. Any suggestions on where to have one? Thanks!

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  1. Viggiano's in Conshohocken. It is not too far from Philly and very convenient to get to from many areas. I just had my shower there and cannot rave enough about it. The food and the service were excellent. Everyone thought it was delicous. The waitresses even carried my gifts to the car. The place is adorable and would be perfect for 16 guests. Our lunch was served family style, there was plenty of food and allowed everyone to talk as they passed the food around.

    1. The classic places are the teas at the big hotels. I believe the Ritz Carlton and the Four Seasons both do this. You get great service, and they let you linger for the party. Thank you.

      1. What part of Phila are you looking to be in, Center City and it's environs or another area (Northeast, Northwest, South)? Also day of week/time of day?
        That would help

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          definitely! there are many places to have a shower depending upon the tastes of the gals and your preferred location.....

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            Ahh! Great questions! Saturday afternoon, but possibly dinner if it wasn't crazy expensive. I was thinking Center City only because that's where I'm most familiar with, but it could really be anywhere.

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              I seem to suggest this place a lot, but Beau Monde (6th and Bainbridge)might be a good option. They have an upstairs room that might be available for a Saturday afternoon.
              Another fun choice might be Yakitori Boy in chinatown (11th street I think), it is japanese food on a skewer and other things (sushi, etc) and they have private rooms as well (even karaoke rooms if you are feeling up to the challenge)

          2. Having been forced to plan a number of these myself, you should ask yourself a few questions: where are most of the people attending the shower from? What is the age range, and are there any people with physical disabilities (like a grandma) that would prevent them from being able to get up a flight of stairs comfortably. And some people just can't walk a few blocks to get to a restaurant from the parking garage because of physical issues.
            Also, parking in the city is pretty expensive, and some people will get upset by this additional cost. In that case, a suburban location might be more comfortable.
            I just wanted to throw these questions out to you since I've been to 2 showers in the last few years where the above factors became real issues with people complaining about how far they had to park away from the restaurant and a grandma with a walker who had to be carried up the stairs into the shower location. Oh, and someone else had just had a knee replacement so they couldn't get up the huge flight of stairs to the room where the shower was taking place!!