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Jul 15, 2008 04:59 PM

dining in and around Woodstock, VT

I'm looking for suggestions about places to eat in and around Woodstock, VT. We already have reservations at Pane e Salute for one night, but need a suggestion for the second night. I've researched here and on TripAdvisor and the same places come up: Prince and the Pauper, Lauren Inn, Simon Pearce, Jackson House, Quechee Inn, etc. To be honest, a lot of these menus seem similar with regard to the type of food they offer. Is any one of these or other options in the area (we're willing to drive a bit) distinctive? Has anyone had a particularly good and recent meal at a restaurant in this area?

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  1. Where did you end up dinnig? I have had great meals at the Lauren. Denis is a great chef.

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      I love Pane e Salute - I had the most delicious sausage and cheese pizza last week. I've always had their entrees but this time I went with salad and pizza and I was not disappointed. The Lauren is also good, just a tad formal or stiff, but great food. Has anyone tried the Kedron Valley Inn since the new owners took over? I would love a review.