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Jul 15, 2008 04:53 PM

An Awesome Wine You Have Never Heard Of

Ok, maybe you have, What a rude thing for me to say!? *I* had never heard of it. EVER. So, therefore, no one else ever has either. I have decided. Anyway...

2006 Grosjean Vallee d'Aoste Cornalin Vigna Rovettaz:

The nose is almost a cross between a Cote-Rotie, a CdP, and a Barolo: Tar, bacon, reisin, herbs de Provence, black cherry, some charred wood, a hint of Ludends cough drops. The palate is medium-bodied with medium colored fruits accented with some higher-toned berry-like fruits. Good earthiness again with especially the bacon and resin characteristics showing through. Long finish with medium level fine tannins. Over the course of a couple of hours in the decanter the wine began to open up and get better and better, but the last glass was "too open" and the oak treatment showed through a little more than ideal, particularly on the palate. An excellent food wine. 90.5(+?)

As a side note, this wine is imported by Rosenthal Wine Merchant. I've had very few wines imported by this company, but I am consistenly impressed by those that I try. It does seem like this importer is willing to take a chance on non-Parkerized wines that show real earth character and not a ton of upfront fruit; and I like that very much. (I first became aware of this importer with the wonderful 1998 B. Levet Cote-Rotie Le Chavaroche which, to steal a quote from Steven Tanzer about the '00, is so Old World, it ought to come with a warning label.)

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  1. Ummm... I see this post in my post history, but not on the wine board... it has been half an hour... will this help?

    1. Is there really a z after Rovetta? Is this from Biondivino?

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      1. "this importer is willing to take a chance on non-Parkerized wines "

        God forbid!!!

        ( just kidding )

        Yeah, Neil Rosenthal gets (in my book at least) his well deserved kudos.

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        1. re: RicRios

          I am glad to see the the Val D'Aosta getting some recognition. There is an undiscovered world of good things to be said.....

          The Aosta Valley has only recently started looking to distribute wines beyond its regional borders.

          If you want to know more, drop me a line at or even better get in touch with our agent Lorenzo Scarpone at and say Marc (the english guy) recommended you.

        2. Neal Rosenthal has some seriously good stuff. They're a pretty common sight here in NYC. Lots of good wines from the Loire especially.