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Jul 15, 2008 04:51 PM

Has anyone tried the Dog House (sp?) in La Canada Flintridge

It does sound interesting. Would like to hear what other hounds have to say?


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    1. It's The Doghouse.

      I posted about this place a few weeks ago and didn't get much of a response. It's
      brand new, located on Foothill blvd. just east of Ocean View in La Canada. Across the street from a Big Lots store.

      They use sabrett franks, have good, meaty chilly, and properly steam their buns. The owner was a huge fan of the the Weiner Factory in Sherman Oaks and is trying to being a similar experience to La Canada. I was there for lunch last week and thought the place was very promising. I work at JPL so it's in a good location for me too.

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      1. re: Kevitivity

        Somene else mentioned earlier that the JPL cafeteria is pretty good, any truth to that?


        1. re: kevin

          Great post. Thanks! Anyone trying to mirror WF is game in my book. And this place is on the way to work in Pasadena..I will try to go by when they open and report back. I miss WF terribly...Its sad, especially because Pinkberry never opened up.

          1. re: SIMIHOUND

            Just came back from The Doghouse..I was reading the posts while at work and decide to Mapquest the place . It wasn't far so I sprang into action and took off. I got lost...Oh well!!!

            I had three dogs for a total of $11 and change. I ordered the slaw cheese onion, and chili cheese onion and red cabbage cheese It was all good indeed. Red cabbage is wonderful as is the chili. For now they have only beef sausages and a three pepper sausage I didn't try. I thought about it while I was there and decided not to make a comparison to Weiner Factory because both places are unique. Good attitude all around. Trying hard. Would I drive farther than 10 miles to get But I work near there so I would go by often .2238 Foothill La Canada. 210 Frwy off of Ocean View.

            1. re: SIMIHOUND

              so they have sabrett beef dogs and also beef sausages too?

              is the cheese anything like the shredded cheddar cheese at wiener factory?

              the red cabbage sure sounds like wiener factory. also, lastly, do they use egg buns at the dog house?

              1. re: kevin

                Sabrett dogs yes. I am 99% sure on the sausages. Cheese and red cabbage is the same. It was great to have a red-cheese-oh. Egg buns no for now but he is working on it and realizes the need for them. That was the first thing out of the owners mouth. They have been open just a little while and it all takes time. I am looking forward to going back, especially when he has the bigger dogs and more variety on the sausages.

            1. re: kevin

              "Somene else mentioned earlier that the JPL cafeteria is pretty good, any truth to that?"

              Yes, but good luck getting in lol

          2. have done the chili/cheese/onion dog on two different occasions - good, and IMHO puts der schnitzel to shame. want to try their other offerings as well. sadly, miss the taco shack that it used to be.