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Jul 15, 2008 04:50 PM

Delux....Patio, Menu???

I'm thinking Delux will fit the bill for my upcoming dinner. Have searched posts for some info, but can't seem to find a web-site for them to check out the menu.

Can anyone give some food reco's as well as advise if they have a patio.

Thx :)

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  1. Does anyone have info on Delux's menu or where to find their web-site?

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    1. re: FeelinFineSunshine

      They don't have a website and there's no patio,

    2. If you go, make sure you have the Cubano sandwich, even if you just split it with a friend or two as an appetizer (eating a whole one is a gut-bomb). It is certainly a contender for one of the best sandwiches in the city.

      1. Delux is a reasonably priced neighbourhood place with good service and cool vibe. On a recent Friday night, 8 of us enjoyed a dinner club outing there. Bills came to $65 each including tip (including two drinks - Camerons dark ale and decent sparkling wine were about $6 each). Get the sausage (foie gras & rabbit) appetizer and the duck main (though one came rare -- and tough -- and the other order came slightly overcooked). Avoid the bouillabaisse main. Salt cod cakes (app) are okay, not spectacular. They need to offer or include sides - no substantial veggies or starches in sight on mains. Desserts include an okay panna cotta. DO NOT order the fresh cookies - they are bland and disappointing. Friends enjoyed the strawberry shortcake. Overall, a pleasant experience but I won't be returning.

        One sour note was the server who insisted on wearing a low V-neck t-shirt that showed off his profusion of chest hair. Just plain wrong, especially in a restaurant!