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Jul 15, 2008 04:37 PM

Where to find Elle & Vire brand butter?

A recent taste test found a french butter Elle & Vire brand best.

I am anxious to taste it. There website is in french and they won't respond to my English e-mail inquiry. Does anyone know a distributor for this product?

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  1. Before you spend a lot of time and money searching out these particular butters, have you ever done any butter tasting yourself? I ask, because I've found that people's ideas of what the "best butter" is can be wildly different. Some people like strong, cheesey butters, some people like very clean, fresh tasting butters, etc. There's no one "best" butter, and I wouldn't want you to go to a lot of trouble and be disappointed.

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      I haven't done any extensive tasting of butter. It would be too expensive. However when I stumble upon recommendations of what others found to be the best, it narrows the playing field so I only need to try a few to make up my own mind.

      1. re: gandro

        Butter isn't all that expensive, even the premium varieties. You could do a tasting of a few different high quality butters for $10-20, depending on how many different kinds you want to get. Whole Foods and Berkeley Bowl both have quite a few different varieites for anywhere between $3-$6 a package (not a pound, the packages are usually smaller), and that and a baguette from Acme would make a good dinner. If you are looking specifically for this kind, I'd call the above retailers and other specialty stores and ask.

        1. re: JasmineG

          Yeah, between Berkeley Bowl and Whole Foods you can have at least a dozen different butters. My two favorites are Jana Valley (once again from the Czech Republic, at Whole Foods) and Vermont Butter and Cheese Co. cultured butter (Berkeley Bowl).

    2. The e-mail address for Elle et Vire is below. Mr. Thirouin e-mailed me several times to tell me that Elle et Vire does not yet export to the United States - and I agree, it is the best butter ever. I traveled to St. Martin, went to the French side and bought 5 lbs of Elle & Vire butter to take home with me. enjoy it - Watsonpond

      1. Yeah, second on getting some of the butters that are available around here and doing your own tasting. Locally I've bought Lurpak, Delitia, Celles sur Belle, and Kerrygold, as well as some others that weren't in that comparison.

        My personal favorite is unsalted Straus, not because it's local and organic (which it is), I just prefer the flavor. Some people find it too strong.

        Here's a thread from the other day on where to find imported butters:

        1. Honestly, I've tried this butter and it's not my favorite. It has a beautiful taste, but I'd MUCH RATHER by local butters. The taste is just fresher, and there's something about buying butter made just a couple miles away from your frying pan.