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Jul 15, 2008 04:37 PM

MSP - Manioc Flour - need help quick!


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  1. For some reason (maybe me being a 1st timer here) only the subject appeared from my above post.....
    I am hosting a Brazilian themed dinner tomorrow and making Feijoada (Brazilian beans & rice with loads of yummy meat) which is traditionally accompanied by Farofa.The main ingredient in Farofa is manioc flour. I have searched all over town for manioc flour and have been met with only blank stares. Anybody have any idea where to find this elusive stuff?

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    1. re: mazzam

      No idea. Did you try calling the Wedge in Minneapolis? They have a lot of different flours. Good luck and please let us know how you fare.


      1. re: mazzam

        Isn't Manioc flour the same thing as tapioca flour? You can buy tapioca flour, also called tapioca starch at any health food store, and probably even in the natural foods section at the local Cub foods.

        If there is a difference, sorry for wasting your time, I just did a search on Manioc flour and basically it sounds like it is interchangable with the terms cassava flour and tapioca flour, all are made from the tuber of the cassava plant from what I can tell. Hope this helps.

        Edit: I just read at this website -

        it says that tapioca starch is a reasonable substitute but may behave a little differently, as it is more refined. Try asking for cassava or yucca flour, which is the same thing. I know it is used in west african cooking as well as latin american cooking.
        So I guess I would check in addition to local co-ops and health food stores, El Burrito Mercado (largest latin american store around these parts), or if you can find a store that sells african or carribean products (especially west african) I would try them as well, asking for cassava or yucca flour. Obviously, with time of the essence, the telephone will be your friend, with silence replacing the blank stares (hopefully you can find it!)

      2. Thanks for your suggestions so far! Yeah, I've looked at the coop's, a couple restaurants, Latin markets ect. - no luck with any of them. I did buy some tapioca flour with hopes of substitution, but it's a different texture/grind than manioc flour which is more coarse than tapioca. I will be able to use the tapioca for the 'pao de queijo' (cheese bread) part of the dinner though.

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        1. re: mazzam

          where are you located (or where is convenient to you)?

          i would imagine you can get this anywhere that sells west or central african, or carribean foodstuffs. or also try a shop specializing in south american foods, rather than mexican... there are several ecuadorian shops on central in NE and one on 26th and 1st in south mpls, and maybe they might have it? as mentioned before, many folks refer to this as yuca.

          i was recently in a liberian shop at 18th and nicollet, and am pretty sure they had it. there is also a caribbean shop on lake street, east of minnehaha (but don't remember the cross street...) also try calling this place: Guy-Am Groceries and Video, 4539 Lyndale Ave. N. 612.522.9222

          you will find the manioc, oh yes, you will.

          1. re: mazzam

            I think El Burrito Mercado had both coarse and fine tapioca flour, but I haven't been there in more than a year, so I could be wrong.

          2. I didn't notice if they carried this kind of flour, but a couple Rainbows that I've been to recently (the East Lake location and the NE location at New Brighton Blvd) have enormous bulk food sections. The East Lake location had like 20 different types of rices, grains that I've never even heard of, teas, pastas. I think, due to the diversity around East Lake, they also had lots of different ethnic items that I've heard about on the Food Network, but never seen in person. I was very impressed that a "mainstream" market carried this variety. The NE location also has great deli, bakery, and meat sections.

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            1. re: drew13000

              Hey thanks for all your great suggestions! After driving all over town to *every* different ethnic market in minneapolis.... someone called and told me about a place in Minnetonka called The Brazilian Connection. They have everything a person would need to make a traditional Brazilian feast, including the elusive manioc flour. The phone number there is - 952.935.2708 and their website is address - 5757 Sanibel Drive
              Our event had a huge turn out, so much so in fact that we ran out of food!

              1. re: mazzam

                Fascinating! I'm glad everything worked out for you. Thank you for reporting back. What a great find!


                1. re: mazzam

                  whoa! that's some crazy music on the brazilian connection link!

                  is this a store, where interested persons could browse? if so, i'd love to check it out if i'm in the area. amazing what you learn on chowhound.

                  thanks so much for reporting back, Mazzam.

                  1. re: soupkitten

                    There are pictures on the website, it certainly looks like a store you could browse at.
                    I am glad things worked out so well for you Mazzam, and the rest of us also learned about a new interesting place! Isn't Chowhounds great?

                    1. re: autmommy

                      It's an itty-bitty place but they have the Brasilian stuff covered, and the owner - Malu is a gem! I'm happy to spread the word about this place and help support other small biz owners. Chowhound is such a super forum for all of us too.

                      1. re: mazzam

                        mazzam, now that we all know where to get the manioc four (thanks to your diligent research), would you be willing to share your recipes for Feijoada and Farofa by posting them on the Home Cooking board (and maybe adding a link to that post to this thread here on the Midwest board?)

                        I'm very curious. Photos would be fun, too, if you have them.