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Jul 15, 2008 04:10 PM

Italian Birthday In San Antonio

A-ah!!! Got you here: YES, it is soon going to be my birthday (aarghh...I will be 41 on the 26th!!!) and YES I am a real Italian, born and raised there, who happens to love food and does not know where to go eat that night.
BUT, of course, the restaurant for the occasion must be ANYTHING BUT Italian, as I eat italian every day (and I am presumptuous enough to tell you I cook pretty well ;-) )

Here is what I give you to play with for your suggestion. Pretend you are coming with us for dinner and taking us to a place where:
1) FOOD is so good I will remember it for a while
2) ATMOSPHERE IS FRIENDLY to say the least (but I find that very easy to find in Texas, I must say) as I want to relax and enjoy my night seeing happy faces around me. Not looking for elegant but snobbish places
3) food can be ANYTHING as I virtually like anything edible and have no preconception whatsoever
4) budget...well, max 50 per person, but my husband does not drink alcohol and for some reason my 3 year old son does not either ;-)
Will you help me pick a place that will make me happy that night? Pretend I'm a friend of yours and tell me the first place that comes to your mind.
Grazie mille e ciao ciao,

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