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Jul 15, 2008 04:05 PM

Excess bean curd

A friend for some reason gave me 5 lbs of tofu. Since I'm single I was wondering if anyone knew of any veggie casseroles that I could freeze or any way I could freeze it without turning it into something with the consistency of an old sponge. Thanks guys in advance

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  1. Here's a recent thread on the cons of freezing tofu, even in dishes.

    If you search the Home Cooking board, you'll find a couple other discussions.

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      Well I guess that answers that, I wonder though if there is a way to make it last longer, or a big tasty dish that would keep?.....

      1. re: rozz01

        I've heard that if you rinse the blocks and store in fresh water in the fridge they'll keep a bit longer. But that's assuming a sell-by date or use-by date on a package.

        No dish you make will last longer in your fridge than any other protein dish. Maybe pass along the surplus before it's wasted.

    2. If it's very good tofu i would certainly save enough for eating plain, and then do a labor-intensive project - use the tofu as filling for veggie dumplings and then freeze in portioned batches so you can have flash frozen dumplings any time. Dumplings are labor intensive, but then when you want to eat it it's very simple to just boil and be done with it. If you don't want tomake dumplings, the same filling can be made to be veggie meat balls, although then when you want to eat them you'll have to cook rice or other starch to go with it.

      The firm tofu should have all the moistures squeezed out, and then patted dry with paper towel. You can whatever spicies you want (or you can use a favortie meat ball recipe), it just needs to have a beaten egg mixed in plus some corn starch to bind. It might also benefit from some sort of oil, and probably will need more salt or soy sauce.

      1. make mac and cheese, but use the tofu, crumbled, instead of cheese, or at least part of the cheese. that way you can bake the hell out of it, which will help it keep, or even freeze pans of the frozen mac and cheese.