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Jul 15, 2008 04:01 PM

Anyone ever walk-in to Casa Mono?

I've got a friend coming into town for dinner tomorrow who's dying to try Casa Mono, except he only told me that bit today... I called and of course nothing until after 10:30, although they do accept walk-ins but were sketchy on details.

Anyone have any experience with this? We're planning on getting there around 7:30 and we're both happy to go to bar Jamon and have some drinks while we wait. But anyone ever do the walk-in thing at CM? Any guidance on how long we should plan to wait?

We could always setup Irving Mill as a backup in case it starts getting past 9:30 and we need to eat.

(P.S. Already tried Table Exchange...)

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  1. I generally go for lunch. But I remember walking in one evening at 6:00P on a weekend without reservations. The hostess seemed really hesitant and said she would be able to put us in the corner but we could only stay there 1.5 hours. Well, two hours later the restaurant was only about 60% full. I'm sure they probably were booked but it seemed like a lot of people either canceled last minute or did not bother to call at all. I can't say that is representative of every evening at Casa Mono, but I don't think it would hurt to stop by.

    1. I've only gone for lunch, but in my experience, on several occasions, they've turned us away when we've called that morning for a reservation, but when we've shown up, we've always gotten a table. But, I have no idea how, or if, that translates to dinner. Good luck - it's one of our favorite places. Have you been before (if not, I'll find links to some of our favorite dishes)?

      1. I've walked in twice and it's been fine. Once it was two of us for a late dinner on a Friday and once it was just me solo on a sunday around 6:30. Both times I was seated at the bar and both times the place had periods of fullness but was never packed.

        If you got there a little earlier I think you'll be fine. However if you need to wait and Bar Jamon is overly crowded The House is on the next corner which has a nice bar and usually a little more breathing room. Enjoy! I love Casa Mono!

        1. I've done it a bunch of times. The longest wait I can recall was maybe 45 minutes on a Friday night (although they called me after 30) and on some Friday nights I've even gotten seats right away. The hostess takes your cell phone number and call when the table is ready. Bar Jamon often gets very crowded, but there are a bunch of bars in the area that are pleasant. For wine, you can usually snag a bar seat at The House which is right down 17th, closer to union sq.

          1. Thanks all, this is really helpful info.

            And MMRuth, it is my first trip so would love any recommendations... I hear the razor clams and the salted cod (bacala) are musts. But any other suggestions are welcome.

            Thanks again everyone.

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              Hi SRoF,

              I bet MMRuth will tell you this: Duck Egg with Mojama! ;D

              It's my favorite too! I also enjoy their fideos with chorizo and clams, sweetbreads, lamb tongues, and soft shell crabs (seasonal).

              Their dessert Crema Catalana (sort of like a creme brulee) with the fried sage leaves was the dessert that Ilan copied and offered as his dessert dish on Top Chef!

              1. re: kobetobiko

                Links to my recs (and those of others):



                P.S. I also like the crema catalan - though I think the bunuelos have bay leaves in them.