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Jul 15, 2008 04:01 PM

Kaygetsu update - bleh!

A month after trying their kaseiki menu, I've finally calmed down enough to post about the horrendous meal I had there. I didn't realize the chef had left in May, I guess it doesn't pay not to read chowhound for months at a time.

We began with the scallop appetizer that was too cold to taste. Then we had sashimi - salmon, otoro, and some other white fish. First of all, the fish was freezing cold, so we sat for 20 minutes and waited for the fish to warm up. The white fish was tasteless, the salmon was fine, and the otoro consisted of the best 2 bites the entire meal.

The slow cooked dish was not memorable, and the Hassun (assortment of flavors) was edible but not good. One in particular was a fish-containing-gelatin that I couldn't eat, but I will just chalk it up to not having grown up in Japan where I would have acquired a taste for this type of dish.

Cold corn soup with shrimp - the soup was too thick with a texture like grits and the shrimp were flavorless. Both were again too cold.

Kobe beef shabu shabu was the second best course and was actually very good. This one was not served to cold. =)

The rice dish was undersalted. The "seasonal fruit with sorbet" was a pear sorbet with unripe kiwi (pucker).

For that amount of money I would have expected better. On the other hand, I have had numerous lunches there that were good (back when they served lunch).

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  1. Yikes. Thanks for the warning

    Kaygetsu Restaurant
    325 Sharon Park Dr Ste A2, Menlo Park, CA 94025

    1. felice, thanks for taking the time to post in detail.

      The chef has opened his own place in San Mateo, Wakuriya.

      115 De Anza Blvd, San Mateo, CA

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          We had a great kaiseki dinner at Kaygetsu in mid-April by the time, according to the proprietor's post, the "other chef" had left. Obviously everyone has a different take and it's too bad felice had a less-than-expected experience. But I will say that kaiseki is not for everyone and may have "odd" temperatures and flavors to some. Although I never ate lunch at Kaygetsu when they were serving it I have a feeling that kaiseki dishes were not served for lunch. As other discussions have made clear, different people have different expectations of what "Japanese" food is because of the plethora of sushi restaurants in the U.S. that have been Americanized. This may or may not apply to the OP, but I don't think this is necessarily a downhill alert, and obviously the mention of "the chef" leaving was inaccurate.