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Jul 15, 2008 03:50 PM

One night in Greenville NC - advice?

Hounds, please help. I'm visiting Greenville for one night, staying on the west side of town (near Pitt Memorial Hospital). I'll have a car. Real bbq would be great. A good glass of wine would be nice, too. Yes, I assume they won't be in the same place. Thank you!

(And if you have any advice for my three nights in Charlotte, I posted a separate query on that...)

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  1. I haven't been back to Greenville in years, but I have fond memories of B's BBQ, just outside of town, I have heard mixed reviews of it since, but I feel they must be doing something right still as I hear they still sell out of the bbq by mid morning and when that happens, they close for the day.

    obviously that would be for lunch.

    ah Greenville... good times, good times.

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      That's my birthplace!!! North Carolina: that's the place! B's is good, but there's nothing like Parker's BBQ for southern barbeque. Awesome service: and you've got your hush puppies and corn sticks right there. THAT'S THE PLACE TO BE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. was in Greenville about 6 months ago, stayed at the Courtyard across the street from the hospital. The front desk attendant referred me to a place called CPW's. It had a nice atmosphere and while I was there - the featured menu was designed around Mardi Gras and Cajun/Creole specialiaties. They have a standard menu but also do a feature menu that changes monthly. My meal was far better than I expected.

      As I recall, they also had a nice decent wine list.

      Here's their website:

      1. B's is still pretty good, although you really don't have to worry about them running out of BBQ by mid-morning. When I go, it's usually around noon, and I can't remember the last time that they'd already closed. Most of the criticism of B's comes from them using charcoal instead of wood, but it's perfectly fine BBQ. Their barbecue chicken is even better.

        Bum's and Skylight Inn are nearby in Ayden(figure 20 minutes from the hospital if traffic isn't too bad) and are very good as well. Avoid all Parker's locations in Greenville at all costs- they're disgusting.

        CPW's is a good recommendation. I stick to the special menu- the regular stuff is fine, but the dishes on the special menu are a cut above. That's the best non-BBQ option near the hospital.

        Saeng Thai House on Memorial is good for Thai, and El Picante Mexican Grill on Firetower Rd. and Supermercado El Rancho on Charles Blvd. have good, authentic Mexican food.

        Edit: A Tavola! on Red Banks Rd. has good soups and sandwiches and a pretty decent wine list IIRC. Finelli's Cafe is across the street and serves good Italian food and has a good wine list.

        1. There's a wine bar downtown, also. Can't believe I forgot that.

          1. For the best food, service & atmosphere just minutes from where you are staying