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Jul 15, 2008 03:46 PM

A Week of Eating Alone at LA's Best Restaurants

I'm coming to LA for a week and am looking for great places to eat alone, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I already love Lucques, AOC, Cora's Coffee Shop, and Mozza, and want to discover other restaurants that are quite farmers'-market-driven and have a unique, strong, sophisticated but rustic point of view. I'm just looking for the very best places -- I'm open to any cost, ethnicity, location, etc., and even places that are a bit of a drive or require an overnight stay are fine. Thank you so much!

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  1. Animal on Fairfax at the bar. Bloom on Pico for organic breakfast.

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    1. re: Adsvino

      Animal sounds totally perfect. Looking forward to trying it. Thank you.

    2. I'm jealous! Being that I enjoy those same restaurants (except I've not been to Mozza) I would suggest Josie, Anisette, Jiraffe, Wilshire and Rustic Canyon (these are all in Santa Monica, which is what I know best)

      1. Josie and Wilshire are good choices for what you seek, as is animal. I would also look into Hatfield's, La Terza/Angelini, one of our great sushi palces (Zo, Mori, Kiriko, the Hump, Nishimura, and, especially, Urasawa if affordable), The Foundry on Melrose, Gordan Ramsay at the London, Ortolan, Spago.

        1. well, since you love lucques and aoc you should visit her husbands restaurant the hungry cat. (sunset and vine) Animal is a good choice, for breakfast la lotaria, were suckers for Jones on third for coffee or lunch although hounders might disagree,

          1. Hi Lexie,

            If you're open to any cost as you're saying, one place to try (call ahead as soon as possible to try and get reseravations) would be:

            Urasawa. :)

            Wonderful food; a true L.A. Treasure. Do a search on the LA Boards to read the various reviews.

            Urasawa Restaurant
            218 N Rodeo Dr, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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            1. re: exilekiss

              Thank you for this -- glad to hear an endorsement, since it's such a commitment of time and money. I just reserved. Will report back.

              1. re: Lexie

                Good -- no great -- choice!
                Need a dining companion? I'll pay my own way,

                1. re: Lexie

                  Hey Lexie,

                  That's great! :) Hope you enjoy your visit with Chef Hiroyuki Urasawa. It's one of my all-time favorite dining destinations in the world.

                  (BTW if you're unsure of what type of Sake to get at Urasawa, they'll recommend (and I recommend :) Kubota Manjyu - so clean, light, wonderful. :)

                  Just sit back and enjoy the great food and humble musings from Chef Urasawa (feel free to chat with the chef as well). :)

                2. re: exilekiss

                  It's more the feeling of a place that's important -- I'm happy to sit at a table in the dining room alone, but the vibe has to be right for that... If it's a convivial eating bar, all the better, but as long as I feel moderately comfortable, it's the food that's most important to me.