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Jul 15, 2008 03:39 PM

shabu shabu in boston?

Hi all-

I'm looking for the best (food and atmosphere) shabu shabu place to take my foodie brother in law this weekend.

Prefer Chinatown, but anywhere T accessible is fine.


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  1. Kaze Shabu- consistantly my favorite in town.

    41 Essex St, Boston, MA 02111

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    1. I much prefer Shabu-Zen to Kaze for this.

      1. Of the three places I've tried so far, Shabu-Shabu Toki in Allston is the clear leader: best tasting broth, best presentation, and the skewer appetizers are delicious. Both locations of Shabu Zen are the others I've tried -- of the two, I far prefer the Chinatown location to the Allston one.

        Dice-K is a regular at Shabu-Shabu Toki, if that's any sort of endorsement for you.

        1. Jin in Saugus. Their $24 hot pot buffet is huge and and comparable if not better than Shabu Zen, Kaze, Little Q, Shabu Shabu, Osaka Shabu. Eat all the vegetable, mushroom, tofu, meatball, squidball, fishball, tripe, shrimp, chicken, lamp, beef, pork, wonton, noodle, scallop, clam, etc. to your heart's content. Included is also a decent variety of sushi, deserts, fruits, and fresh oysters.

          If you stay in Chinatown, then Shabu Zen was the overwhelming local favorite. They used to be packed fully on any night with a long long waiting list until recently. Kaze is beautiful inside but it's virtually always empty for a reason. .

          1. Haven't tried Kaze because it's just to difficult to pull myself away from Shabu Zen. Shabu Zen is at 16 Tyler St.