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Jul 15, 2008 03:23 PM

Brooklyn Brunch Recommendations

Hi, I am looking for a brunch spot for Saturday in the Bushwick or Williamsburg areas.

Any recommendations? It is a birthday brunch for 2 maybe 4 people, we can wait in line, and we like really good food...

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  1. Teddy's on Berry Street/North 8th.

    1. Egg

      1. You could elaborate on what you are looking for in a brunch... but one of my fave places is
        Aurora on Grand which is Italian and slightly upscale compared to other places in the neighborhood.

        I second the Dressler rec. They do a fantastic brunch (also upscale-ish). Places like Enid's (a bar) and Egg (huge line and over rated in my opinion with no booze) don't really compare to an Aurora or Dressler - my two personal favorites.

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          Dressler is great. Also, I believe they take reservations.