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Jul 15, 2008 03:22 PM

Bake Bean, Grange and Church dinners: Maine Coast

We'll be touring the Maine coast 7/20- 7/29, meandering from Acadia down to Portland. We're staying in SW harbor, Castine and Spruce Head. I've sort of scoped out lobster spots thanks to NE Chowhounds and am now wondering if any kinds of dinners mentioned in the topic title are common place? If so, We'd love to give them a try. Over thirty years ago, I did this trip by myself and fondly remember falling into a few Baked Bean/Church dinners that were really amazing and fun. Would love to have a voija dei experience if possible. Thanks in advance for any rec's and suggestions.

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  1. Ayuh, Cappie, read The Bangah Deadly Snooze(Bangor Daily News), they list all the church, Grange and public suppahs!
    Find the Tim Stample cd on Moody's all you can eat beans on Thurs. night., wicked good!

    1. I, too, search out the local church dinners when traveling. I was in Maine last week but didn't hit any town on the right night. I did notice while in Wiscasset that the Episcopal church (about 100 yds. off of Rt. 1 on maybe Ridge St.?) is starting fish chowder dinners next week. I believe they are on Monday nights. Also saw a sign on the large church in Saco (not sure of the denomination) at the corner of Rt. 1 and the turn to Camp Ellis for bean suppers on Thursday nights, I think. Maybe some locals will chime in here with some help, but you could always call information and get some numbers of churches in the towns you are traveling through. Even if they aren't holding suppers the pastors you talk with will most likely be able to direct you to churches that are serving dinners.