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Jul 15, 2008 03:02 PM

Boccalone Ferry Bldg Report

Hit Boccalone in the Ferry Bldg for the 1st time yesterday. Had a delicious sandwich of their Capocollo with sliced plum and arugula. It was a delicious sandwich overall, although it did seem a bit bready. The bread itself, a soft ACME baguette, was delicious, and I wouldn't expect them to load these sandwiches with too much meat since it's so pricey, but the ratio still seemed off to me. But I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Went by again today as they were firing up the panini machines for the 1st time. They were serving Prociutto Cotto and provolone sandwiches. I opted not to get one as I'm not a huge Cotto fan. But I'm sure Boccalone could easily convert me. Anyone have one of these?

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  1. An earlier report

    Boccalone Salumeria
    1 Ferry Building # 21, San Francisco, CA

    1. Went back for round two last night after work. I love that they're open past 6 and still serving sandwiches. I had the lonza with peaches and mint. It was my first time tasting the lonza and it was superb, especialy with this combination. The lonza reminds me of really silky, buttery prosciutto. Can't wait to actually try the prosciutto that's aging in the cooler.

      1. Ohhh. I fogot this was opening up. I love the Boccalone salumi I've ordered. I might have to make a trip to the city just to get my hands on one of these delicious sandwiches. Thanks for the reminder.

        1. Curious as to whether anybody has tried Bar Norcini for comparison. That's the salumeria/cheese bar on Powell where Cafe Kuleto used to be. I buzzed by just after they opened, but they weren't offering any take-home items except for some small pizzas and I didn't feel like sitting at the dainty little bar with a dainty little drinkie in my hand with the other swells.

          It was previewed by the Tablehopper newsletter in June (middle of page):