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Jul 15, 2008 02:41 PM

Sioux Falls - Divey but Fantastic Latin American Restaurant?

Calling all familiar with Sioux Falls, I've heard mention of a divey but really fantastic central/latin american restaurant. It's not a typical Puerta "___" mexican restaurant. However I can't seem to find it online and don't remember the name. Does this sound familiar to anyone??


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  1. Perhaps you are thinking of Inca? I wouldn't classify it as a dive (nor is it classy), but it was the best Mexican food I had while in college a few years ago in SF. Even if that's not what you are thinking of, I'd highly recommend it!


    1. Give Taqueria Nikki's a try. Its definitely divey and it was delicious the last time I was there though its been a year or so.

      1. The restaurant you're looking for is Puerto Vallarta. It's located on East 10th Street in a former Wendy's building - directly across from the SD School for the Deaf. :) It's authentic Mexican and it's nothing short of fantastic.

        1. Another great place in Sioux Falls is Mama's Ladas - it's downtown on 11th St. and serves one thing - delicious enchiladas. They don't have a menu, the space isn't very big, and it's kind of hard to find...all things that usually add up to good food! Very authentic and a great meal!

          1. La Girasoles is now closed due to the fact they were a cover for running drugs out the back door and the police put them out of business. They were OK.

            Mama Lada's is worth it for the atmosphere. SMALL and an even smaller menu, but a perfect date place. Really cool. Food is OK.

            Inca and Puerta Vallarta tie for the second best Mexican in town. The Chili Colorado burrito at Puerta Vallarta is the best on the menu, it's my favorite. Inca's also has the best table salsa I've found, which they also sell to go.

            Nikki's is soon to be opening a new Burrito Express on 8th, not too far their current location on 10th, but honestly as authentic as they are, I expected a little better. They are good, I've just never been blown away. My buddy raves about their fish tacos.

            So who's the best then? I'll tell you. Los Cantaritos on 10th. Hands down the best burritos, carne asada tacos, and huevos rancheros in town. Muy Bueno. I can't find everywhere else in and around Sioux Falls that tops them. I am consistently blown away by their tacos and burritos, their beans and rice are also flat-out the best in town too.

            Mexican food is a serious pursuit for me (I render my own pork lard and I also happen to make the best enchilada verde in town). I've tried them all, and the winner is Los Cantaritos.

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              Los Cantaritos is hands down the most authentic mexican in town. Any foodie would love it, i promise.

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                Thank you for suggesting Los Cantaritos. Fabulous Mexcican food, great El Salvadoran treats as well. Real taco shells and queso fresca.

                Our lunch was fantastic. If you like Mexican food, you will love it.

                When my mom said, "Don't eat the flan" I couldn't resist. It was worth the calories.