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Jul 15, 2008 02:34 PM

Australia travel/eat suggestions

Going to Australia for a wedding in Sydney - I've been to Sydney and know some good places (and it's been covered fairly well on the board)....

But am considering staying for 2 weeks and traveling to one to two other areas in Australia. What are great places to go that involve good food of course. I've been to Australia twice but only gone to Sydney and the northern beaches (Palm Beach area). Considering Melbourne but also leaning towards less citified environs since we'll be spending time in Sydney.

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  1. Melbourne is a bit of a food hotspot.
    as an aussie if i were to go somewhere it would be down to tasmania for a look see, especially the huon valley. see
    much of regional australia can be a bit disappointing.
    having said that, within easy reach of sydney there are some nice places in the blue mountains, orange, berry and south coast is very scenic...
    get on over to for some good tips.

    1. Melbourne for food, definitely. Hands down over Sydney (sorry!)

      I can't recommend Ezard (at the Adelphi hotel in Melbourne) highly enough. It's my favourite restaurant in Australia, maybe anywhere actually. The only restaurant that has ever topped Ezard in my experience was Petrus in London (very different, Ezard is modern australian - think fusion food, whereas Petrus is French).

      Also Vue du Monde frequently rates the best restaurant in Australia.

      I am a big fan of Neil Perry - now that he has closed his fine dining restaurant in Sydney, I would go to Rockpool in Melbourne.

      Outside of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley wine region is excellent for food and wine.

      If you are travelling futher afield, the Margaret River Wine Region in Western Australia has some outstanding food and wine. (Highly recommend Clairault and Voyager Estate for food).

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        this wasn't a sydney vs melbourne debate, it is a "where to go as well as sydney" question.

        Neil Perry HAS NOT closed his sydney restaurant just opened it in a new format. Same location.

        Melbourne has some great dining but it isn't without disappointments.
        Read,,, and for some educated opinions on dining in Melbourne.

        As you mentioned too much city, if food isn't your only love in life (did i really say that?) then the landscape of australia is vastly different to what most people ever experience, and really quite worthwhile to head out of the cities.

        1. re: kmh

          Exactly. If I was going to go anywhere in Australia 'as well as Sydney', I would go to Melbourne. I also stated my personal preference for food. I thought that was what were supposed to do here? Of course Melbourne has it's disappointments - I didn't say it was failsafe and you could go anywhere.

          Neil Perry's restaurant in Sydney is no longer Rockpool and it is no longer fine dining.

          1. re: rach_g

            Melbourne has Rockpool Grill, Sydney has Rockpool Fish - both still fine dining, just not 10 course degustation menus...

            Have a lookf or yourself rach_g:

            1. re: sandra in australia

              its not fine dining... its now a bistro because it wasnt making enough money

      2. Melbourne is a must if you love food!

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          I think if you want to try something less citified as you say, you should try Tasmania. Im a Sydney boy who's eaten my way around most of the country and can honestly say that Tassie's food scene is amazing based on its produce alone. Their restaurants may lack the precision in service and decor that you find in Sydney (and sometimes Melbourne), but they make up for it with outstanding produce. You will experience some of the finest crayfish, oysters, beef, abalone, cheeses, beers, wines, ocean trout etc etc the list goes on!!! Also, the scenery and tranquility may be a welcome respite from the faster pace of Sydney. I was there just a couple of months ago and can't recommend it enough!

        2. If you want something in Oz that isn't very "big city" then I would recommend Margaret River, Western Australia or Tasmania (perhaps pick a section of the island to concentrate on). We've been impressed with the food, wine and scenery in both spots!

          Margaret River is an easy drive from Perth and there is plenty to see and do in the area.
          For Tasmania, you could concentrate on the area around Launceston (which includes the Tamar valley), the east cost, or perhaps the area around Hobart?

          Both states have good websites, for further info.