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Jul 15, 2008 02:13 PM

the victorian

hello people. looking at booking a place for my wedding reception. about 140 guests. has anyone ever been to an event at the victorian in santa monica? i just wanted to get feedback about the vibe, ambiance, food quality, etc. is it too small for 140 people? any advice would be helpful so i can finally decide to book this place or not. we really like that its no the normal hotel, restuarant, golf course kinda place. we like the look and feel of having it in a "home setting". but just want to make sure food is up to par, the place has a good vibe during receptions etc.. i hope some of you have been and can give me input. whether good or bad! thanks!
oh, and of course we really want to know about the food!

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  1. A couple years ago, we had our wedding reception there and I give it really high marks. We had 122 attendees and we took the entire first floor. That worked very well. If you wanted more space, you can rent the second floor, too, which will give you a lounge area and additional bathrooms. The planning process was an absolute breeze -- they are competent, accommodating, and creative. The food was very good, especially compared to most catered events. The kitchen is on-site, which gives thema real leg up on the catering competition, who generally have to cook food off-site and transport it to the location. The kitchen made sure that the food was fresh, the ingredients were good quality, and they did not take many shortcuts. All in all, I give them very high marks and would wholeheartedly recommend them. The outdoor seating areas, "homey" feel of the house, adjacent parking lot, and service all score them bonus points.