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Jul 15, 2008 01:49 PM

Cowboy Chow [DFW]

Just read on DMN that the owners of Twisted Root have opened up Cowboy Chow, also in Deep Ellum. Has anyone been yet?

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  1. Ooops! I forgot to include DFW in the title.

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      If you ever forget to do that again just hit the report button and mark it as spam and ask them to put DFW in the title. I do that on post all the time, and I already did it for you!

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        Tried do go for dinner yesterday but it was closed. I wonder if it is only open for dinner Thursday through Sunday like Twisted Root. Unfortunately, there were no hours posted outside the restaurant and the website isn't up and running.

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          I heard it was only open for lunch right now.

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            They are closing @ 3:00 right now.

        2. I ate there about a week ago and was impressed. I ate a potato parfait, which consisted of braised brisket, topped with mashed potatoes, black beans, tortilla strips, and cheese. I may be missing an ingredient or two, but those are the key components. It was very good and very unique. My buddy had brisket tacos, and he really liked his meal. The nacho appetizer was excellent, and the fried green tomato lollipop was also very good. I'm biased, but being as objective as I can be, I thought it was an excellent introduction to another unique spin on American classics like brisket, chicken, and ribs.

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            Ate there this past Friday for lunch. I liked but didn't love the food. I had one of the chicken tacos which was pretty good though a little soggy. My wife had the parfait and liked it. I the menu is definately heavy on brisket items (I know this is Texas and there is no such thing as too much brisket). I wish that there were some pork items (maybe ribs or pulled pork). All that being said, I would go back. I assume that they are awaiting their liquor license (looks to have a bar space in the back) to open up for dinner.

          2. Just ate there for dinner over the weekend. Food was good. The Dr. Pepper braised beef ribs were almost like an cross section of short ribs, rich beefy goodness, if only a little too fatty. The additional BBQ sauce added on was unnecessary, and a bit too tangy for my taste, and seemed to mask the Dr. Pepper flavor; I think it was a different sauce than the braising sauce. The "taters" that accompanied them were good as well, although the corn mixed in was a little weird, and no gravy. The brisket sloppy joe was pretty good. The sauce actually tastes like the old sloppy joe stuff from the can, which had some nostalgia for me, it may not for someone else. The fresh potato chips were addictive. The lollipop fried green tomatoes were good too, although the breading tended to fall off, a tough task. No liquor license yet (hurry) but they seemed to accommodate BYOB very well.
            This is the kind of place I root for, much like Twisted Root, they just seem to have fun cooking unpretentious good food. Its strange being in Deep Ellum as it’s a ghost town these days. There were actual (er, urban) cowboys in there. The best part: dinner for two, with apps, under $30.

            1. I think I must have missed something considering how many good reviews I've read of this restaurant. We went a couple of weeks ago and while yes, the prices were reasonable, the food was pretty bad. My husband ordered the potato parfait and it came out in a little pickling jar which was a cute enough concept I suppose, and I ordered the brisket quesadilla. None of the ingredients tasted especially fresh, and all of it was food I could have made - easily and quickly - at home. The potatoes in the parfait tasted like instant potatoes. The tortillas in the quesadillas were regular old tortillas, like the kind you buy at the grocery store. The avocado cream was just weird.

              I suppose we should try it again; like I said, so many reviews have been positive. I like to support my local independent eateries but I just found this place to be overly kitschy with bad food.