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Jul 15, 2008 01:42 PM

Perfect Sazerac?

My husband and I just drank Sazeracs all over New Orleans and we want to find a great one here in Boston, preferably on the Cambridge side of the river.
We are not experts, but even in NOLA, some tasted expertly composed and others were just terrible!

Anyone know where to go? No, I don't care if there is thujone in my absinthe, I just want it to taste delicious. (I see some mentions in the archives, but it is scattershot.)

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  1. Deep Ellum in Allston or Eastern Standard in Kenmore Square should be able to hook you up nicely.

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    1. re: ScubaSteve

      Last time I was at DE the bartender put sweet vermouth in my Saz and served it in a martini glass... wasn't the biggest fan of that. Every other drink I had was pretty great though!

      1. re: ponyboy

        Funny, I had the opposite experience recently at Deep Ellum. The very young bartender who took my order made me nervous: after all, who at 21 or 22 knows how to make a proper Sazerac? But she had obviously been very well trained, diligently followed the canonical recipe as I watched. Shame on me for my ageism.

    2. My Partner in Crime ordered a sazerac at Hungry Mother the other night. Whether it was perfect, I have no idea--I don't know from sazeracs. But they were excited to have someone order one.

      1. IMO your two top bets for classic cocktails in this city are Green Street in Cambridge and Eastern Standard in Boston. I'd also look at this list of bartenders: and look at the bars they're all working at to get a larger sense.

        1. I'd guess that Green Street in Central Square would be a good bet - especially if it's a night when Andy is working.

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          1. re: heathermb

            I've had it and it's great. Granted, it was made by Misty, so maybe Andy's would be even more sublime?

          2. John's at No. 9 or Misty's at Green Street. They're both sazerac experts and probably enjoying one in NOLA as we speak.

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            1. re: hsquare2southend

              I've seen John drinking sazeracs at Green Street two times in the last month.

              I also saw Misty make a Toronto for John using Black Maple Hill. That must have been a tremendous drink.

              I can't personally vouch for the Green St. sazeracs because I usually order other things, but John's endorsement is good enough for me.

              I have had great sazeracs at ESK.

              1. re: DoubleMan

                The Toronto is one of those cocktails that seemed like a terrible idea to me on paper. I'm glad I was researching a rye cocktails article for The Dig at the time, or I might have been loath to try it. Turns out it can be a terrific cocktail, though the balancing act is a tricky thing. I called it a "prize fight in a cocktail glass": two really strong flavors battling for the upper hand, with a little simple syrup offering a subtle softening undercurrent. (It helps if you like Fernet just a little bit.) Misty is a local treasure, a phenom.

                1. re: MC Slim JB

                  Ahh, yes. I love the Toronto. But them I'm biased, my love affair began at - as always - at No 9 Park with John introducing me to this cocktail. I've also had his version of a 'deconstructed' Toronto, topped with a fernet-brown sugar foam.